Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)

(Andre Borie) #270

No unfortunately.

You’ll have to open a legacy French account and transfer money from Monzo there. You can’t even use the modern banks like Monese, N26, etc as even though they have an IBAN that would accept such direct debits, most provider’s systems have the first two characters of the IBAN hardcoded to “FR” so the foreign IBANs of these new banks won’t work.

(Jack) #271

It may be worth speaking to be supplier to ask. They may well have some sort of solution for this.

(Ayo Daniels) #272

Even though I categorise my spending the expenses are not reflecting in my overall budget.

(John) #273

Thank you, that’s clear.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #274

Quick question…

Where is it that you suggest logos for companies that are missing? Is it within the app because I can’t see it unless it’s just me. (Android)

(Only available in amateur ) #275

On iOS you tap on the transaction with the missing/wrong logo and it’s down the bottom of that page

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #276

I’ve just looked again and there is just a link that says 'Something wrong? Tell us!"

Clicking it gives me the option of reporting the transaction as “unrecognised”

(Andy) #277

Is it a transfer rather than a transaction?

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #278

Ahh yeah it’s a transfer.

Today I’m officially #fullmonzo so it was my former bank transferring me my remaining balance.

I would still expect there to be a logo though?

(Andy) #279

Yes logos can still appear for transfers but there’s no interface to report missing/wrong logos on transfers yet. I think you can raise it in in-app chat to get fixed.

(Pearse Taggart) #280

Hi there, I know Monzo do a lot of community events (and if I’m not mistaken there’s even one on tonight) but I was wondering if there were opportunities available to speak to any of their development team directly?

I work as Product Lead at ClassForKids and we are a relatively small but rapidly growing software company based in Glasgow and we’re all big fans of Monzo and how they do things, we’d love if it was possible to organise a visit or if there are any upcoming events you are planning to hold where we could grill you guys on some topics like coding/software architecture/scaling best practices?

I understand you’re all gonna be pretty busy so I understand if it’s not possible🤓 Keep up the good work!


(Stephen) #281

Hi, I was reading online that joint accounts are currently being tested, id love to be part of that test with my girlfriend if possible? I tried following the Monzo Labs joint account option but it doesn’t let me add people. Please let me know

(Only available in amateur ) #282

Once labs is on enable the payment with friends option which you can find account > settings then toggle on payment with friends

(Stephen) #283

Is it possible that I keep my existing account, my girlfriend keeps hers and we create a new one

That can be joint?

(Andy) #284

You both need to have an active sole account then enable joint account in labs and then follow the prompt to create a joint account. Both your sole accounts remain open and active and you can’t close them

(Gus Grillo) #285

Hi - do you have any plans a Monzo chip keyring / watch strap (like bpay) for simple contactless pay sub £30 as it would be rather useful ?

(Jack) #286

Hi @gusgrillo ,

This was the latest update on the topic:

(Justin Seals) #287

Hi there,

Are the new joint account cards ready yet? Just was waiting on those before I sign up for a joint account, rather not start scribbling on brand new cards!

(Andy) #288

Yeah they are

(Justin Seals) #289

That’s a shame…just ordered my joint account and got a simple monzo card, no joint account =[