Shared tabs shouldn't count toward spending

I’m having a lot of pain with shared tabs recently - whenever I split something with someone else it still counts toward my spending.

e.g. if I were to pick up the bill in a restaurant for £60 and split it £30 using a shared tab, my spending targets still show I’ve spent £60, NOT £30. This is making tracking my spending basically impossible at it stands.

@bruno are you still working on improving the budgeting/stuff like this in the app? I know you said a while back that it was on the roadmap to overhaul budgeting.

I’ve seen this discussed a lot. Usually the most popular proposed solution is to have incoming payments in a category count in reverse for targets (so if you had £60 spent from eating out then £30 incoming it would show £30 spent for your target). Probably optionally, to avoid issues with e.g. salary coming in leading to a negative spend.

This allows it to work whether or not you use a shared tab or the friend just sends you the money.

I think the best solution would be to have settle ups not count toward spending, but have sharing reduce your spending number

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I’m working on Business Banking now :+1:


Is there another more authoritative thread or a suggested solution with timeline?

I think this is the main one:

As you can see there are a number of other threads linked which are asking for the same or a similar thing.