Transactions added to shared tabs NOT impact your budget

Currently, if my ‘bills’ budget is set to £100, a transaction assigned to bills comes out for £100, but then it’s shared 50/50 in a shared tab, it still comes out of my budget as £100 rather than £50.

Ideally, once something is added to a shared tab then it shouldn’t be included in my budget and should be the case of whether the tab has been paid yet or not.

For me, the ‘budget’ feature is currently nigh on unusable just due to the way my finances work right now (recognise that I am in a very small minority). This change would make a massive difference and make sure I’m just budgeting my money and not the money of others too.

I agree it is annoying, the way I work around it is by using custom categories in plus and bill splits instead of a shared tab.
I have made a bill splits category. I split the bill with the other monzo user and allocate the amount that was split to the bill split category (and then the receipt) then only have the £50 (in this case) in the bills category.
But agreed it is a bit of an annoying work around. I do small stuff on the shared tab and accept the budgeting mismatch.
One annoyance I have with this is that it would be good if payments received could be manually allocated to offset spending rather than always be in income because if someone pays you back not through a bill split or not from monzo it can’t be offset in the way I describe above, which is frustrating!