Shared tab payment not updating on budget

Since I made the recent update my budget is not reflecting my true spending as it used to.

For example:
I have 100 on my budget spending
I go to the grocery store and spend 20
My budget says I have 80 left
I put the 20 in the shared tab “Groceries” with my partner.
My partner pays the tab so I get 10 back
before my budget would the be adusted to say I have 90 left
but now it still says I have 80 left

It is making budgeting service completely unusable as it will never reflect how much im actually spending. It used to work just fine so im not sure whats going on…is it something I can adjust or did they remove the feature?


Yess! This is rather annoying… for what it seems quite a straight forward feature.

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Vote for the fix/feature here (2nd time I’ve posted this link today!);

Finding this happens a lot now I use Monzo as my main account- The tab feature is really nice but the experience is ruined a bit with the analytics…
Any news on a fix Monzo? (Seems like an easy win)

I just noticed this issue today, rather frustrating.

I suspect the reason is because a shared tab settle-up could be for multiple expenses in different categories added to the shared tab over time, the settle-up can’t just be allocated to one category (Monzo would have to work out the split amounts for each category).

This would be a cool feature though if it could be built. It must be theoretically possible.