Setting up current account using CASS

Hi I’ve tried to set up a new current account and then use the Current Account Switching Service (CASS) to move my existing current account with another bank to Monzo. It won’t accept my old card PIN or the CVC on the back of the card so I’m stuck. Can’t progress this at all.

I went on online chat 4 hours ago, after 3 hours someone said they would help but nothing. I’ve phoned but the automated service finally took me to - sorry we can’t help. I’ve also emailed but that takes 48 hours.

Any ideas please? I only chose Monzo because it has customer service rating of 85% over First Direct’s 83%. Wish I had gone with First Direct. I’m looking into setting another account with them now.

How could you be happy if you can’t even get help to give Monzo your business? Seriously questioning the 85%

Hi. It’s been a while since I did it, but don’t you use account number and sort code? It shouldn’t ever need your pin.

The more important your query, the faster chat will respond. So you might just have to wait.

Is your old card still valid?

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Love it. Simple, no words needed

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This sounds dodgy. Hope you haven’t given your card number and PIN to a site claiming to do CASS for you.


That does not sound good as I went through the process in the app and it asked me for this info during the process - what now?

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Can you show a screen shot of that page with no details filled in?

Edit to add: never, ever give anyone your PIN. There’s no need for anyone to ask for this

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no because it’s gone through that stage now

You definitely did this in the Monzo app? There won’t have been a box that asked for a pin.

I have no idea what happened here now I’m really worried that I’ve been scammed through trying to use the Monzo app - how could that even happen ?

I wonder how I cancel my whole application now? I don’t want to use Monzo and can’t get anyone to answer . Actually just went onto the app to look for a contact or cancel and there is a button which says PIN and when you press it, it asks for the CVC on the card. And that’s in the app don’t you have that option?

I found a place to cancel my account and it took me back to the chat that I was already in from 8am this morning - it’s now almost 6pm so that’s 10 hours with no resolution and I was a potential new customer…

Any suggestions anyone please?

That’s a completely different thing and not related to the switch

You won’t have been scammed using the Monzo app but you don’t seem to have done.

We can try and help you but it’s tough when you’re saying different things about what you’ve done and how etc.

So the PIN wasn’t part of the CASS? That’s entirely different

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Do you already have a Monzo account set up or were you trying to do that at the same time?

Can you share some screens of you trying to cancel your application?

I think the Monzo app may ask you to set your own card pin when you set up an account. Could it have been that?

I was trying to set up everything at the same time and just answering the questions that were asked. I didn’t keep any screen shots or log what questions I was just going through what I thought would be a simple process.

Set up a new account

The Pin option would of been to set the pin for your new monzo debit card


If that’s the case then that’s a relief as the others told me I would never be asked for a PIN, thanks

You would never be asked for a pin to switch.

You’ve been very confusing, we’re just trying to help.