Finally started the CASS today

I’ve been using Monzo for most things for several years now so I don’t often have to go login to my old bank. Doing so today annoyed me so much (find card reader, find wallet, answer n+1 questions) I decided to switch it to Monzo - I’m sure that will be fine.

I noticed one regular payment that’s not direct debit and then I remembered I wasn’t able to use my Monzo card with this company - the kind of “sorry sir that doesn’t work” that implies it’s your fault and you have no money. Well, we’ll see what happens next time they want paying.


I guess that depends on if you have a contractual obligation to actually pay them. If that’s the case, they’ll probably just charge you for missing your payment.

Care to name them? You might find someone here with experience in your favour, who knows Monzo is now accepted.

Oh yes, no secret. It’s for one of those extras you end up with when buying a new car. The company that sends me an email when it takes the money every month is called ‘Payment Assist’.

I’ll pay them somehow, just wondering how much trouble they will be.

I don’t recall this specific company being mentioned before but in similar situations there’s a bunch of different things that have worked for people.

  1. Setting up the payment method on their website rather than over the phone. Or vice versa.
  2. Complaining so it goes beyond front line customer support.
  3. Emailing

I always wonder how much onus is placed on companies to keep their payment systems up to date with new sort codes and such. Can they really force you to use one of their preferred banks. Is this covered in their T&Cs or by any form of law etc :thinking:


It’s definitely in breach of Mastercard rules. If they accept Mastercard debit cards, they must accept Monzo debit cards.


Yes it happened on me I tried to use them for my car Service and mot the previous year it worked OK but this time it didn’t work I had to use my barclays card which is a visa and it worked on that

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I’ve sent them an email asking them how to update the card details soon I’ll see what happens.

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They told me to ring them up, card didn’t work so she asked what kind it was and I said ‘Mastercard Debit’, they don’t take those, not any of them. So that rules out my Transferwise and Starling accounts. Asked about credit card? Nope, they don’t do those.

Ah hang on, digs out Revolut card, it’s Visa. Nope doesn’t work. I asked what I can do. Ring up on the first of each month and they can take payment via a Mastercard. I said Ok but it’s very likely I will forget!

Haven’t used Revolut in ages so I went and installed the app again and it seem the card may have been sent in the mean time and not activated. The app says I need to use it in a store with the PIN to fully activate it.

So I’ll try Payment Assist again in a week or so but really how stunningly useless is accepting just Visa debit?


Update: Put some money in my Revolut account, went and used the card to get it working, rang Payment Assist.

Them: Sorry that’s a top-up card we can’t take them
Me: It’s not a top-up card
Them: It is
Me: It’s a current account
Them Sorry we can’t take it

They really are a hopeless company. I made a one off payment with my Monzo card. Five more payments to go before I am done with them.

Revolut isn’t technically offering bank current accounts in the UK as it isn’t a UK bank. It isn’t using its foreign banking licence in the UK either, it is using an e-money licence. It is applying for a UK banking licence though.

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I know they are actually not a bank, which is why I don’t use them day to day. Neither are they a top-up card, which was their excuse.

I was pointing out that it isn’t a current account, it is an e-money account. That is the angle Payment Assist will be using to reject it.

Ok then I see what you mean. I do think they are putting themselves out of business though. So far it seems they only takes visa debit card from 19/20th century banks. Right now they are relying on me (and probably others) remembering to ring them up at the end of every month and make a one-off payment.

Payment Assist do take MasterCard Debit though.

Not accepting Revoult makes sense as I think they’ll be restrictions on what that card actually offers up to them, with it not being a fully fledged bank as such.

I suspect the Monzo bit is some outdated system they are using which needs an update for it to accept them.

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They told me no MasterCard debit at all. No credit cards. No Revolt and no TransferWise. This is for setting up a recurring payment.

For one off payments they will take MasterCard debit, including Monzo.

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