Current Account Switch Service and Benefits


I adore Monzo and I’m really to engage in a full monogamous relationship with it and as such want to use the CASS to switch my Halifax account to Monzo.

However, I have benefit payments going into my Halifax account. Will these be switched automatically as part of the service? I’m worried that I’ll switch and then I will be without my benefits etc.

Thank you.

Yeah they’ll be switched. They get redirected until the benefits lot change the details on the system. You could tell them your Monzo details after the next payment come in just to make sure they change it

Yes that’s part of the CASS service. All payments into the old current account are redirected for three years.

It is worth updating them to the correct details as soon as you can though.



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The last time I used CASS was from TSB to Starling Bank. It went absolutely without a hitch, though I did actually make life massively easy before I did the switch as I switched a couple of direct debits myself to other bank accounts to ‘tidy things up’. My monthly pension switched without a hitch, though I did phone my pension provider to confirm my new bank account details. They were actually chuffed to bits because they told me that they don’t always get informed by banks of the changes and it can cause problems. I like CASS, I’ve used it on 3 occasions, a good service.

I’ve used CASS 3 times:

Nationwide to Halifax
NatWest to Lloyds
Halifax to NatWest

all went smoothly, the only thing I didn’t CASS was my salary, I work for a relatively small company and it was easier to just let the FD know who changed it.

My High Street banking days are well and truly over in terms of banking with a shop front. I have a Nationwide account (the paid packaged account is just so good), which I run entirely online these days and I still have a joint account with Lloyds, though I can no longer see the justification for the Lloyds account and I may well soon dump it anyway. Any future CASS from me will be to App only based banks.

Thanks everyone and apologies for the delayed reply!

Once you try Monzo, it’s hard to go back to using a high street bank! Monzo has everything I need and more.