Outage - 13th July 2020 (Resolved ✅)

For the latest information on the current outage please visit this link:


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Hi is anyone else having problems either their account? I can’t seem to make payments on line, I can’t use the get paid early feature and the chat feature in the app isn’t working


I can’t transfer money to a pot at the moment.

same here
got payment due tomorrow, only to realise I can’t withdraw money from my pots :frowning:

Getting this message

Yeah nothing is working on mine, my sisters or my step dad’s app at the moment.

Wonder if there is a problem? I can’t even get the chat to work to talk to someone

Nothing showing on https://monzo.statuspage.io

All gone here cannot even login now.

Being reported that there is an issue:


Stuck refreshing here.

Same here. I can’t make any payment transfers. Hope it’s fixed tonight!!!

Me too!

Round and round and round it goes, when it will update nobody knows


Twitter now awash with people reporting the same.

Yep, My wife has got pay her credit card bill today so I hope this gets sorted soon.

Lovely, not just me then!

That’s what I was thinking!

Was just trying to order domino’s and my card wasn’t working.
Hopefully sorted soon, am hungry :joy:


Me too!!