Sending money error message

I’m trying to send money to my friend and this is the error message I’m getting. Is this a known issue ? image


Nothing has been reported at I’m afraid.

What type of transfer are you trying to make? A bank transfer (i.e, you entered a sort code account number) or a Monzo to Monzo transfer?

Separately to replying here, you should start a live chat in the help Section and mark your message as urgent. You’ll get the best support that way, and if there is currently an outage - this will help alert Monzo and investigate the issue.

Bank transfer . From Monzo to another bank.

I see. I’ve tested making a bank transfer and it was processed successfully.

It may be worth trying again, there could have been device connectivity issues at the time?

Otherwise, I’d contact Monzo in app help

I tried a few times. “Computer says no “ :joy:

Have you gotten to the stage where you have to authenticate via PIN or fingerprint? (if so, do you have fingerprint authentication turned on?)

Odd. Can you try uninstalling and reinstalling the app to see if that makes a difference?

Yes. It’s asked me for Face ID and then pin and after I’ve done all that, this error message came up.

If you have Face ID on, the token used to authenticate instead of your PIN my have been invalidated/expired.

I’d try what Simon suggested first and uninstall/reinstall the Monzo app and see if that fixes it.

I will do that now :blush:

I had some problems tying to send money to someone as well

I’ve uninstalled the app and installed it again, but seem to have the same issue :frowning:

OK, thanks for trying that.

Is there any chance that the person you are trying to send the payment to doesn’t actually have a Monzo account? Or maybe they had one and closed it? I take it this is someone that appears in your Monzo contacts?

She is using a different bank. This is actually my first interbank transfer with monzo.

OK, that helps!

So you are going to “Pay”, and then “Pay by bank transfer”, and then entering her account details (sort code and account number), and then it fails after that?

Hi Simon,

Well, actually I’ve tried to do it a different way. Maybe that’s my mistake. So basically my friend sent some money to me today. I wanted to return some of it so I clicked on the transfer and then on the link where it says ‘Send money to XY’. Is it possible that this feature is only between Monzo and Monzo and that is why it is failing ? :sweat_smile:

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Ahhhhhh. Yes, that’ll be it.

Was it sent by by any chance?

This feature does work between Monzo and other banks, but only if it’s come through as a bank transfer and not if it’s from

Because payments work by making a “payment” from the sender’s debit card, rather than as a bank transfer, this means that we don’t get the account details and therefore it’s not possible to tap on the feed item and send a payment back from that feed item.


It was Thank you for this .:blush:


Think there needs to be a more accurate error message for situations like this :thinking:


I agree. For people like me :sweat_smile::blush:

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