Anyone else seeing this? Having problems?

I’m trying to use my Monzo account to send money but it’s not working for me? It’s saying there is an error everytime I try to send money? What does this mean??

Is it another Monzo account you’re sending to? I know a few other banks have had problems receiving Faster Payments from any bank recently. :thinking:

Double check you have the correct details if this is the first time you’re sending that person money, too. If it still shows that error you’ll need to contact in app support.

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I’ve had my Monzo account for over a year now and I’ve never had any problem like this? I’m trying to send money from my savings pot into my normal account? It’s not letting me use the card to make any payments or anything? I dint know where to find the in app support? I’ve done nothing but research on what it could be and nothing is coming up? I have no money to use at all now cause the app isn’t letting me have access to any of my money!?

Is anything showing as pending in your account feed?
With £16.18 in your account, you should be able to send/withdraw £10.00 without issue.

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Bottom right ‘?’ tab in the app. Tap the search bar, and choose the ‘I can’t find what I’m looking for option’ and someone from Monzo will be able to look into it for you.

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No I’m not owing any money out anywhere? I have £100 in my savings pot and it won’t even let me transfer any of that back into my normal account??

It’s not letting me send any amount of money

You’re connected to WiFi. Try disconnecting WiFi and connect to Monzo using mobile data instead. It could be a connection problem between you and the WiFi router/phone line/internet.

No reported issues at the Monzo end so far;

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Try using mobile data instead of wifi, in case it’s an issue with your network connection.

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I’ve been trying! Literally tried both and now even trying send money into it from my Halifax account it says the details are wrong

Have you accidentally frozen your card?

From ‘Home’ drag the transaction feed down, check if the button under the card says ‘freeze’ (in which case you should be able to transfer money around, or ‘unfreeze’ in which case the card is frozen and you need to unfreeze it.

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Sounds like an error with an auth code or something like that, I’d recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the app to get a fresh start

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The cards not frozen it just isn’t working for some reason I’m trying to ring Monzo now but they aren’t answering :joy: I’ve deleted the app many of times and still nothing


The phone number (in my opinion) is not a great way to contact Monzo. You’re better off using the in app chat, contacting support, and waiting patiently for a response (they will get back to you).

@redshift gave directions above on how to do this

If you can’t see “I can’t find what I’m looking for”, then you can also search “contact support” and that will bring it up to.

I know it can seem stressful if you can’t move your money but at least you know it’s not going anywhere and it will probably really easy to sort out.

This is primarily a customer forum so we can offer suggestions but we can’t actually help ourselves.

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