Not anymore friendly bank

Trying transfer money it was important was unable and lost opportunity. Not best bank. HSBC never give me hard time to transfer money.

A similar problem was posted recently, not sure if it helps.

Re-install app? Connected to internet?
It’s not really a bad bank when their is millions of Monzo customers who manage to do what your trying to do just fine their must be some underlying issue?


Hi there :wave:,

When I faced a similar problem a while ago , I was actually trying to send someone money, who made a previous transfer to me through Sending money back this way is not yet possible I believe.
Can you please describe the error message you are getting and the exact steps you are taking , ( maybe a screen shot of the error message) , so we can work it out what’s happening :monzo: :blush:

I have transfer money from HSBC with no issue. I will use only Monzo abroad if work but I have open Revolut account as I am not trust Monzo anymore. This is my solution for Monzo f… up.

When what exactly did it say??

If you give the community more information on issues your having believe it or not but they will help you

You are not explaining yourself. Just saying Monzo messed up and HSBC never had issues doesn’t explain anything.

We have plenty of examples on this forum of HSBC delaying payments and Monzo being the best thing since sliced bread. We also have examples about how awful Revolut are.

What actually happened?


I’m sorry to hear this, however it is difficult to help you without a proper description and explanation. It might be that there is a simple solution. We just need to understand exactly what’s happening .


It’s perfectly within your choice to open another bank account, should you wish so, however none of the banks have a community like Monzo does. And we are here to help to resolve the issue , you just need to let us :blush:

Have try transfer money from Monzo UK to other bank UK it was important transaction but have message unable to proceed try again in one minute. I have use chat on Monzo account to try resolve it but each message from person who try help was around 10-15 minutes late until last message appear that it need be escalated higher. Guess what today they reply. Seriously it is different baking having they customers in black…

Well what did they say today?

Have you been able to use your card today?

That is what they said “…Try loggin in loggin out do all “magic with phone“ ask “wizard” …” and all that crap which I have already done when first time I was unable to do transfer. I feel like those chat people are same like in vodaphone/o2 when they think every one is so daft that cannot do himself checks…or delete app and login again.
Let’s close this conversation as I have transfer money using other bank and don’t want answer another daft question.

Have you tried paying them with a link ?

That’s what they said? Word for word? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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It looks like a template answer to me :sweat_smile: NOT​:upside_down_face:

My guess is that they didn’t say that. They know that doing magic with phone only works in fiction.


Muggles :roll_eyes: