Monzo incoming payment problems

My mum is trying to transfer me money to my monzo account from her monzo account, and it come up with an error message. She tried santander to monzo as well and come up with error. But my account is working, I can transfer money out and my card works in the atm as well to check balance. Is any one else having problem receiving funds.

What message is it coming up with?

transfers seem to be operational

Have you double checked the sort code she is using 040004 - this is a common one to get wrong

Also double check account number

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My mum always send me money. She tried the save monzo from her from her list it does not come thru. From her santander it does not come thru… But I can send money out from my account, so my account is not blocked

Can she send it to your link?

Nope. Buts it’s sorted now. Somehow my monzo me, share with friends was tuend off automatically. Not sure how. But that was stopping all incomming payments even from a non monzo account. I had to switch it back on and I am getting t money from all accounts now

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But not sure how my setting changed since yesterday when I did not change it

That’s strange, because it shouldn’t have anything to do with transfers from other banks.

Have you reported it as a bug?

No I did not report a bug. How do I that

Drop Monzo a line in the app.

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@Curtis84 I wouldn’t think the issue is with Payments with Friends being switched on or off, especially if she had the same trouble sending to your Santander account :thinking:

Was it an error code, or was it the Confirmation of Payee screen that she saw by any chance?


Was comming up with an error code, can’t send, due to Internet problems or if the problem keeps carrying on contact monzo or something at the bottom. As soon as I switched monzo me back on all transfer started comming in my account.
She had problems sending from her santander to my monzo before that as well. It all fixed after I changed the settings

I had a problem with sending money not long ago. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app? Worked for me.

Was your mum trying to use the link while sharing with friends was turned off? I may be wrong but a vaguely remember months ago I couldn’t use my link without the other being on. Maybe its changed since but thats what this looks like. still requires Payments with Friends to be turned on.

Aha all is revealed.

My monzo me was turned off automatically. I did not do it. Not sure how the setting changed within a day. But when my monzo me was turned off, I could not recieved money for food from my mums santander account either. When I switched it bk on I started to recieve money from different banks as well. I thought monzo me was just from monzo to monzo and should not effect incoming payments from different banks

It being on or off wouldn’t make any difference to payments from other banks.


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