Sending money error

I tried send money to different bank, But the message is keep coming up and couldn’t send money. I checked here and tried everything for sorted out. ( Didn’t use uninstall app/ try to send different bank) But nothing works. Any idea?

Is your card working or is it just bank transfers that are not?

Is you Monzo account working for other transactions, like normal card transactions, subscriptions, direct debits?

Is the receiving account limited to how much can be put in? (Help 2 Buy ISA for example you can only put £200 maximum in a month from any account)

Can you make a smaller payment to the account to see if its a balance issue, i.e. sending just £1.00?

Card is working. But can’t send money…

I tried with £1 but still come up same message…

Hii can you help me i cant send money

Monzo don’t offer support on here so you’re best contacting them in app. I’d suggest providing some more detail on what you’re trying to do, and what error you’re getting to speed up the process too.