Scrap the Graph

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Scrap the graph

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Skim read this, and somewhere it says ‘if we need the pulse graph to do something later we don’t want to remove it then have to put it back’. Also, someone else said ‘why then would they build a toggle/setting to hide it’?

In reverse order then - a toggle setting built now would still be valid later if they replace/enhance the Pulse Graph at a later date (I doubt I’d want to see it then either).

And HIDING something in the UI is not the same as REMOVING it, so if the Pulse Graph is needed to drive some functionality, then fine, leave it in, just give us the option of recovering what, currently for me, is a complete waste of space.



I quite like the graph…

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I also like the graph. It’s useful for tracking back to this time last month to see whether spending is on target. If the line is too steep, I need to back off a little.

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If it has to stay at least it should run from payday to payday rather than 1st to 1st. Also indications of future payments on it would be useful

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OK then …

#LetMeHideTheGraph ? :blush:

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Coming from a development background I get the idea of a burndown chart and quite like it, but i can see why others might not like it. Maybe the answer is a hide graph user preference.

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I’ve been using Monzo since End of January. I never had the graph…

…until today when it just randomly appeared, now I can’t get rid of it :sob:

Previously my summary screen looked just like the one in the business account screenshot.

Joint account still doesn’t have the graph though, that account was only opened last month. Is the graph some disappointing add-on you earn after so many transactions?

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Lets have an emergency debate to scrap the graph :eyes: #ScrapTheGraph

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Can we postpone this 3 months maybe? :wink:

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It is enabled several weeks from when you opened the account, yes.

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Noooo! I love the graph. It’s awesome to quickly spin back in time for credits and debits. Quickly found by peaks and troughs in the chart.

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I don’t use it all. It’s an eyesore.

I vote Leave! no, wait, Remain!! I’m so confused…

(in all seriousness, let us toggle it on or off and EVERYONE would be happy… #waits)

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I requested this in 2017 I think, it was a no :joy_cat: