Bring back the graph! It is the only thing that set Monzo apart

Please please please bring back the graph it is the only feature in your app that set you guys apart from others such as revolut and starling! I want to know the balance before each transaction there is no way of finding that out now on your app! Whoever decided to get rid of that feature needs to rethink!

Its not coming back

but they are working on a replacement at some stage

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My wife and daughter both use Monzo, and both have asked me “where has the graph gone? It was the most useful part of the app”.

Even if you don’t have it on the front page for some reason, I know they would really appreciate having it somewhere.


But other than allow you view your balance over time, what else did the graph give you?

Nothing really… but they both really valued the ability to view their balance over time. It was one of the things they really liked about the app.

I also had better experience with graph:

  • it is easier to pay attention scrolling to big spikes on graph, then trying to catch bigger numbers. When there was no big jumps on graph I was scrolling faster then I could read numbers
  • it was also easier to find some big past transaction, when you had only very general idea when it could happen
  • It was nice to be able visually compare amounts of spending every month.
    Looking for improvements - The best would be to see graph per pot, ex it would be great to be able to compare how fast I was spending money from lunch pot every month. Let’s say I changed places where I am going and how that compares to my spendings in last 3months?
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Exactly my point about Starling’s bloody awful ‘Pulse’ thing that they just won’t get rid of.

I agree, the graph was good and useful.

Do you guys use monzo purely for spending? It worked well in that scenario but as the current account came about it was less helpful in other ways of using the account. Hopefully the work on budgetting will bring about some new flexible solutions that work in different use cases.

There is no other way to check balance change before or after a transaction. Some are pending transaction / holding transactions with no actual change in balance etc.

Main thing is the graph should show balance change per transaction and not per day

The graph took up too much retail space and people voted that it had no value, so it was removed. As mentioned above, Monzo have already stated that they will not be bringing the graph back.

The one thing Monzo have said they will be doing is adding a way for you to see your balance as you scroll through your history. This in my opinion can be done much more elegantly than a big ugly 80s looking graph.

Watch this space :eyes:


Which people were those, I wonder? I must have missed the memo for “vote for stuff you want to disappear”

Well yeah…you did?


This one?

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