❌ Keep the Graph

Just in case anyone doesn’t want to vote for Scrap the Graph :wink:


Keep the graph but perhaps an option to turn it off for fussy members?

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In one simple sentence of 25 words or less, can someone please explain the point of the graph?

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I like it personally

It helps me by visualising points during the month where there were large drops in balance and I can go back to remind myself exactly why (normally a trip away)


I like the graph as it helps me visualise my monthly spend, actionable insight is simple, it’s going to hit bottom before pay day, so get off fu%#ing amazon


I posted my reasoning for keeping the graph here:

I’d also add:

I know I’m apparently in a minority on this issue, but the people who post here regularly are not a cross section of the Monzo user base. They’re a cross section of a type of Monzo user. Plus designing by committee is never a good idea.

If Monzo follow all the advice presented by the loudest members of this forum, they will end up with an app that suits the type of people who frequent this forum, not necessarily the people who a) use Monzo in a typical way, or b) use Monzo in a way that’s profitable for Monzo.

Monzo isn’t a website where everyone who visits this page is using the product. Their product is an app, separate from this page.

A prime example of this kind if misguidance by a loud, vocal community can be found on many software support forums. A recent example I spotted was Adobe XD’s feedback forum.

One of the most requested features is the ability to use Adobe XD to make finished websites (yes, seriously). If Adobe followed the noise made by their community, they would literally undo the primary use of their software and ignore the core audience of professionals who buy it for its intended purpose.

(This is more of a side note for the eyes of @bruno really.)


I don’t think they would do this. At least, I’d hope not!


Monzo staff themselves admitted that the graph had outgrown its original purpose and was no longer adding the value they hoped for. To me that shows it’s not been driven purely by two people on the forum really not liking it :slight_smile:


Only Monzo could know what, if any, use those not on here make of the graph, through feedback, help calls, instrumentation et al

You being on the forum asking for it to stay probably gives you more in common with those on here wanting it gone than the wider user base :slight_smile:

What I said is a statement of irrefutable fact. Lots of people do not like posting in forums, as a general rule. Every support forum in the world is hit by this bias, unless the product itself is already a website, where you can at least argue everyone who is using it is present (which is what I stated).

In additional to this, lots of Monzo users are not even registered here, let alone active members. Lots of Monzo users are not even aware of the conversations taking place here. Lots of Monzo users have no interest in taking part in online conversations about it.

I have made a rare appearance on this forum to state an opinion which I don’t see represented. I am not a typical, or heavily active user here.

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