Scrap the Graph

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Has the graph been scrapped yet?


Thought not.

Guess I’ll ask again in 2020.


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Just went to look at my pulse graph to see what it thinks of the future - usually each month has a fairly linear decrease across the whole month… February however…

I’m not sure what Monzo knows about the next 3 days or so - but I’d sure like to know!!

I’ve been moving money around a few pots - and I’m not sure if that is impacted in the overall Pulse chart - but seems to be throwing the predictions off in any case.

I like the overall historical trend - I’d love to see that graphed for all months somehow - but for my main screen I’d like more transactions please.

(Jason Scott) #148

That’s all I want balance as it is transactions underneath spend on the right.Any fancy stuff that’s added should be able to be disabled.
I’ve only had the graph start this morning I can’t look at it without getting naused.

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Proper ugly.


I think Monzo’s position on this has been made pretty clear by @hugo recent post:

This thread is just going round in circles now which is against the COC

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There’s a secret option that disables the graph.

Don’t have any transactions for a month. :sweat_smile:

I use Starling anyway (which has an equally useless but at least correctly working graph that disappears completely when you look at your transactions), but if Monzo ever fix their graph and income and bill handling issues, maybe I’ll try Monzo out again.

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You can say that again, I quoted exactly the same post from Hugo in a reply 12 hours ago :rofl:

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And there has been multiple posts since.
Ignore them😂

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This has now drifted into discussing the content of the thread itself rather than anything to do with the Pulse display.

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Couldn’t help but notice how nice the feed looked on the business account preview without the dreaded pulse!


All I see is the two different times on the lock screen :dizzy_face: