Scam Alert 🚨 "Monzo" 'fraud' department phoned me

I noticed a Deliveroo card check and decline dit as I don’t use them, then just now I get a call from Monzo ‘fraud’ department, they went thru security checks DOB, Email, last four number on the card and all checked out. Then ask what was the last transaction? then said that I had a Deliveroo card request… so… was this legit? It seems so. then the questions comes… someone is making a request for a check for Coinbase’ a Crypto currency and they wanted basically to clear out my funds. the operator told me that he cannot cancel the transaction unless I approve the card check!!! No way I was doing this so froze the card, then transferred everything out off the card except for £13.00 Has anyone else had this happen?


This is fraud.

You need to speak to Monzo ASAP.

In the help section, search “Contact”


Thank god you realised before you did anything! These people…


As a heads up for you, and for others… Monzo will never call you out the blue. They’ll normally contact you in app prior to a call if they need to call you. However, it’s very rare they do!

Definitely fraud! Get a new card requested, and (if you can) change your phone number [most providers offer it for free once a year] to try to stop this happening in future.


Your card details have been compromised and this is a scam.

The phone call was not legit. The ‘operator’ who phoned you would be the same scammer who used the card with Deliveroo, that’s how they knew what the last transaction was.

As you appear to have realised, the scammer was trying to trick you into allowing your account to be cleared out. By giving you all the details they were trying to lure you into a false sense of security. I’m pleased for you that it didn’t work and that you knew to freeze your card.

You will need to contact Monzo in-app to report the scam and get your card replaced. Tap on one or both of the scam transactions (Deliveroo or Coinbase) and at the bottom of the screen tap ‘Something wrong? Get help’ to report the fraud.

You may also wish to check your email and change your email password, and change other passwords you use at places like Amazon etc if you re-use the same password. They will have compromised your details somewhere to start attempting this plan, so it’s better to check your other accounts are secure just in case (even if they’re fine and your details were compromised another way).

(Transparancy: I added the words ‘Scam alert’ to the topic to make it absolutely clear without needing to read the post that this wasn’t a genuine call from Monzo.)


I added the red light for dramatic effect :joy:

OP glad you saw through the scam and didn’t authorise anything. Good advice above, change your card, phone number, and passwords on your email and everywhere else you use the same password.


I would really recommend making sure email is 2-factor authenticated, just to reduce the chance of anyone else ever successfully logging in to your accounts.

This goes for Monzo magic links, but also most other things, so is good general security advice.


Hi! I’ve just had EXACTLY THIS! From the number 08008020281, so only one digit off the actual monzo number. They initially called on a private number twice, then when I called them out on that number 3 times.

Had a deliveroo card check, they called about it, had me go through all my pots and said I have a virus on my account and they needed me to move everything into my main account to check it and they’d call me back in two hours.

I then rung actual monzo, moved it back to a pot, froze my account and ordered a new card. They called to ask why I’d frozen it then continued to try and call me. Google confirmed this is a scam, it felt dodgy when they called.


You’ll definitely know it’s a scam when you get an immediate reply, that’s for sure these days, so the scams are easier to spot it’s not Monzo, which is pretty sad when you think about it


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