Fraud Alert

So myself and my partner used Monzo ever since they came out in UK.
We pay all of our house expenses through Monzo.
on 5th of May I received a call from
Monzo fraud prevention team. Immediately I asked why would you call me ? Then they said check your app first . au checked and realised there is an unrecognised transaction. Whist I was on the phone they were able to refund me that

Scary enough they knew all
my information- that I had 2 accounts with Monzo and my card balance where I live

They said as a security measure you need to add monzo to your apple pay. Then they sent a notification to me through Monzo app ? Which i clicked as this was through monzo app

They said they cancelled my card and I should receive it. Soon as I hand up they took £175 of my card for ASDA shopping

Monzo took 5 days to respond they passed me over to 6 specialist in the group chat they never pick up the phone or provide information over the phone. a super unprofessional !

outcome was that they thought I authorised the payment. I lost my money I had this month to pay my bills and the behaviour was totally out of this world. Any other bank would cancel the card and recover the funds and what happened to me was Unspeakable they took 2 days to cancel the card and my money is not recovered. I shared all the evidence in the report . I will
never bank with Monzo again and I will close all my accounts

I’m sorry to hear what has happened to you.

The way you were scammed, your details were already compromised in some way before they first contacted you. You should sign up for all three credit report agencies and check your reports regularly.

Even if you still ultimately leave Monzo, there are still actions you can try to recover some or all of your money.

It would also be worth opening a complaint with Monzo about how they have handled this case. Ask for them to look at it again or escalate it. Its worth searching this forum for other fraud case topics as you will find advice on how to present your case. If Monzo still refuse to help further, they should present you with a ‘letter of deadlock’. Once you have this you can take your case to the ombudsman.



I’ve never seen Monzo not give the money back to someone. They must be very confident it was you, they will have lots of data.

If it wasn’t you, take them to the ombudsman.


I think that’s because it was them, probably this part here:

The part the agent seems to have overlooked in their response was the scammer tricked them into authorising the transaction.


But there is more data points there that Monzo will have, unique identifiers per device etc.


Thanks , I have already complained to finance ombudsman and awaiting response. I have no reason to shop and lie about it . I have already done shopping that day at TESCO - This is my monthly shopping. I never had such experience with a bank - i have seen exact scenario reported on this forum. Monzo don’t pick up their phone and over the chat 10 different people looked in to my case. I never faced such issue.

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They said in the call they if i change my phone i need to inform monzo and when they first sent the notification this didn’t work apparently i clicked too fast
he said let me send you again and click when he say yes this is because they need to identify device ?
I didn’t think much of it then but now it feels like they did something fishy here and as a result I can’t afford my council tax this month and cannot celebrate my bday

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What did the push notification say?

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Add xxxx to apply pay

You do need to complain to monzo first, and either let them exhaust their complaints procedure or 8 weeks, whichever is sooner.

Then the ombudsman will have a look.


I have also reported this to the police and got a crime reference number. I called ASDA unfortunately they cannot share cctv footage of anything with me unless monzo / police request it for an ongoing investigation.

It’s so unfair people can get away with scamming people ! I’m so sad

Was it used in a store near you?

Also if they knew your monzo balance then they probably have access to your email and logged into, make sure you change your email passwords and check logged in devices etc, also check for 3rd party apps that have access to your account.

When did Groupon happen?

Hey no this shop is miles away from
where I live - I live in Stevenage and this was in greenhithe - i don’t even know where it is. I changed my email password already but i’m
still scared whether they applied a loan or credit card as they has access to my card 2 days since the incident as monzo took 2 days to block it ?

If you didn’t see any £1 charges or active card checks that weren’t you I wouldn’t be worried about them applying for a loan.

Who is your email provider and what phone model ?

Check recent logins to see if you can see a suspicious login, and importantly look for email rules on your account, usually you have to check on a desktop browser.

If you can identify a login that was not you to your emails then it’s most likely they just logged into and saw balance and number of accounts and if that was the case, they didn’t have any information to apply for credit like your address or date of birth.

In future you can freeze your card by yourself.

Hey, No i couldn’t see active search with my tesco order they did this but ASDA one was nothing

I’m very worried - I’m hoping Monzo really investigate this rather than me accusing stealing my own money and going to the other end of london driving past central london to do my shopping

It’s extremely unlikely monzo has been hacked, it was your device or a company you gave details to at one point, I’m not saying it’s your fault but if someone hacked monzo they wouldn’t be using it to spend 170 in Asda with CCTV, I personally would be focusing on securing my devices firstly and complaining to get my money back, unless you mean worried about being short on money.

Have you checked for email forwarding rules in your account?
Checked for suspicious logins to your account?

You can sign up for clear score, they update with new credit applications the quickest as far as I know.

Also check
They get data from other sources to clear score but only updates every month.

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To me it seems like they were trying to add OP’s card to their (the fraudsters) phone and that’s what the push notification was about. Which means your card and address details have been compromised somewhere.

Did you get a text afterwards? you usually do.

Do you use an Apple iPhone? did you have your card already connected to Apple Pay?


Hey There :wave:

I’m sorry to hear about what’s happened, if you’re unhappy about the outcome or feel our service was not up to it’s usually standard I’d recommend to raise a complaint and we can review the conversation/in-app chat and make sure we’ve done everything we should have done to support you.

This sounds like a stressful time, can’t imagine what you’re currently going through. :pray:


Not sure how you’ve managed to complain to the ombudsman in such short space of time? Banks have 8 weeks to look into your complaint. Have they sent you a deadlock letter yet? If not the ombudsman will do nothing.


Regardless of any fault, this always has been, and still is awful service. I can’t believe they get away with it and win awards for service. I have experienced it myself. It is total hit and miss whether you get good or bad service.