“Monzo business fraud team” phone call SCAM

Hello Monzo community,
13 days ago I was a victim of a sophisticated APP fraud which has left be absolutely devastated and struggling immensely financially. I now know Monzo never call you out the blue and they send a message in the app if they are going to call. So if you receive a call from someone saying they are from the ‘Monzo Business Fraud Team’ please put the phone down straight away.

The man who called me said he was from the ‘Monzo Business Fraud Team’. They did all the normal security check and when I questioned them knew my address, email address, phone number and the last four digits of my bank card. The person calling me was incredibly convincing & panicked me into believing someone had hacked into my iPhone and that someone had logged into my account and was trying to make transactions up to £3k. He said they had blocked the transactions but had to act quickly to set up a new Monzo business account to transfer my money into. Earlier that day I’d had notifications that someone had tried to reset my Amazon and PayPal passwords which made me more inclined to believe my details had been compromised. I know believe this was all a part of the same scam.

A couple of weeks before the incident I had an email supposedly from the Royal Mail asking me to pay a small re delivery fee for a package I was expecting. Having looked into I know this is also a common scam, but as I had been expecting a delivering and thee fee was only very small I wasn’t as vigilant to it as I could have been. The fraudster asked if had clicked on any links and suggested I might have received a scam email from Royal Mail, which he said could have led to my bank details being compromised.

I realised almost as soon as I’d made the transaction that I could have been scammed, so I reported the transaction as soon as I could whilst it was still pending. However, despite calling Monzo multiple times since since then all I have been told each time is to wait for the specialist fraud team to get in touch with me, but in nearly two weeks I haven’t heard anything. I am getting very demoralised and frustrated by the whole situation, particularly as I’m not sure how I will be able to make it through the month if I’m unable to have the money recovered or reimbursed.

Please be careful, remember Monzo never call you out the blue. They will send you a message via the in-app chat to let you know they plan to call.
Thanks, Tom

Hey Tom :wave:

Sorry to hear about what happened. It might be worth noting the below in future, I know that in the moment this might not be the first thing to help about.

Unfortunately, this is a waiting game, I’m sure Monzo will do their best to get to the bottom and resolve it, but it’ll take time.

All you can do is wait, as hard as that must be,

Good luck in getting it resolved and please update us here if you can

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Can i ask if this has now been resolved and how long did it take? Im on 6 weeks now and im not doing good, its consumed my life and im struggling. I hope yours was resolved.