I think Ive just been scammed

Hey All I think I have just been scammed and realised it too late

I had someone call me claiming to be from the Monzo Fraud team (number was the same on the back of card)

They then said someone was trying to make purchases from my account and it was purchases like from Jon Lewis , Music Magpie so uk stores.

He said he would send me confirmation codes which he did and then I said the codes over the phone to him like an idiot. he then said that the transfer back would take like 2 hours and not to worry.

After the call I kind of came to my senses and googled if monzo fraud would just call me and I immediately have now blocked the card and flagged the transactions as fraud. noone has contacted me yet as it is a saturday and pretty late Im just hoping I can get the money back and that monzo gets back to me.

Hi. Welcome.

Try not to blame yourself, these things happen and if you have a search, there’s a few threads on it.

Things I suggest you do…

Contact Monzo ASAP. Search “contact” in the help section, you might be able to do it now or you might have to wait for the morning.

Make a timeline of what happens, why/how you believed it was Monzo calling

Has any money left your account? You’ve done the right thing freezing your card but if you’ve given them extra details, they won’t be using your card number.


Was it these sms messages you got?

yup and I obviously didnt read the message because he was pressuring me so I said the numbers straight

I’m not blaming you but I’m curious how this will play out since the text states do not tell over the phone and you did so will they still refund it?

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you and me both I feel so stupid man

You’re not stupid. Never think that. These scammers can be manipulative I fell for one on social media someone pretending to be Royal Mail about a post I made and I fell for that


UPDATE: Thanks to Archie and all the other lovely people at Monzo who got my Money Back.

Ah I wish I could Glitter Bomb and fart spray that scammer.


Interesting that this was your choice of punishment!

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I think that’s where he got the idea from

You do love to state the obvious :rofl:


If they start to raise their voice, push you to do things, tell you to be quicker, be wary, more than likely to be a scammer

Remember, no customer support agent for any company where ever in the world will raise their voice, get annoyed etc, not if they want to keep their job, a sales person maybe, after all, if you do not buy what they are selling, then chances are they won’t be contacting you again

So did they manage to recall the transactions thereby ruining the fraudster’s game, or did Monzo dip into their magic rainy day fund? :upside_down_face:

So I think they got the money back.

The reason I say this is because it had not been picked up by the merchant yet so it was technically still with Monzo.

I didn’t press to ask so I cannot be too sure Im just glad I got it back.


Assume everything is a scam.

It’s rare anyone will contact you out of the blue to pay or do anything.

For example if your account was at risk - Monzo would sort it on your behalf and you wouldn’t need to do anything. All this is easier said than done of course, I’m glad to hear it worked out in the end and you got your money back.

I had bulb ring me today to do a survey as I’m leaving. It could well have been them but they wanted all the security answers for my account. Plus the line was terrible like cheap VOIP connection (prob working from home).

Anyways put the phone down, just not worth risking it.