‘Monzo Fraud Department’ Scam

Hey everyone, I just wanted to make everyone aware of a scam that I have become the victim to this week and also wonder if anyone has been in similar situations and got their money back?

I received a call on Thursday from the ‘Monzo Fraud Department’ whose phone number was 080080551281

It was a lady who introduced herself and appeared to already know all of my details. She informed me that there has been suspicious activity on my bank account and that someone has been attempting to make payments to skiddle and deliveroo, she said they tracked down the IP address of these attempted transactions and they was from Oxford, which has flagged up to them as they can see my payments are in Rochdale. She then asked me if I knew anyone in Oxford or if anyone has had access to my card or my details etc.
I then proceeded to open my Monzo banking app and could see that there was a pending Skiddle transaction for £78.50 and she informed me that I was able to cancel that from my end, which I did - I declined it.
She then told me she was going to send out a new bank card to my address but just needed me to confirm how much was in my account and if I had any pots for security, I told her my bank balance and informed her that I had no pots.
She asked me if she was sending the new card to my address - she knew my address and asked if this address was correct which i confirmed, I did not inform of her my address as she already knew it.
She then told me my card would take 7-10 working days but I could still access my funds through the app and Apple Pay. She told me she was going to update the Apple Pay on my phone as because the actual card would be blocked while I waited for a new one. It came through to my Monzo app and I accepted adding of the card to Apple Pay. It all seemed so legit, afterwards I even thanked her so much for helping me and told her how grateful I was. She seemed so professional, and I had no reason to doubt her as she was already aware of my details and I hadn’t given her any of my sensitive information.

The next day, a transaction came out of my account for £3246.74 at Apple, I froze with panic and was struggling to speak for a moment. I began to write to Monzo and then the money went back in (4 minutes later), I did not send my message to Monzo as I thought this was an error, as the money went straight back in. I then carried on my day as normal, relieved that the money had come in and that this must have been a mistake.

Tonight, a Monzo notification informed me that I had spent £2000 at Apple R226 White City. I told my partner and said, I bet it goes back in like it did yesterday. But it never did. I began to panic so much and contacted Monzo on the app, they told me that they hadn’t contacted me on Thursday and this would have been a phishing scam. I felt sick, I had a panic attack and threw up. I was shaking and in a very bad way. I realised that I had been scammed. I read about it online with tears in my eyes and was seeing that this is a common occurance and when the fraud victim is accepting the Apple Pay to be added to their phone - they are actually enabling the Apple Pay to the scammers phone so they are able to use their money.

I felt so stupid and ashamed of myself. I would never give my details away so I always thought of myself as immune to scams like this, I didn’t even know this was possible. All the notifications were coming through to my Monzo banking app whilst the scammer was on the phone to me, that is what made it look so legit.

I haven’t been able to eat tonight and it has really gotten to me. It’s my daughters 6th birthday tomorrow too so I’m trying my best to keep it together to not spoil her day. I honestly don’t know how I will sleep tonight too. I am just in shock that this has happened and I feel so stupid. It all just seemed so legit.

I wanted to warn everyone of this scam, as I am now aware that if Monzo suspected fraudulent activity on your account - then they would contact you via the app primarily. Please hang up if anyone calls you saying something similar and contact Monzo directly on their customer service chat and query it. I really don’t want anyone to experience what I have experienced tonight. I have been blaming myself and I actually hate myself because of it. It has really affected my self esteem and I feel like an idiot.

Does anyone know if I stand a chance at getting my money back? I really hope so. I have passed it on to the disputes team by clicking something is wrong on the transaction. I’m really hoping to god I can get it back. It has impacted me massively. And please everyone be vigilant

Monzo refunded my money within 24 hours after investigating the fraudulent activity. They were so amazing and I would like to thank everyone of the team who looked into this for me and helped me, especially Leon from the fraud team. Monzo were so helpful!


I’m really sorry to hear what’s happened to you.

Whilst we can’t discuss outcomes of fraud or disputes here, the team will let you know once they’ve had time to review everything that’s happened.

We would never call or text you in this format, and never ask you to reveal anything specific to your account.

The team should be in touch with you soon to discuss the next steps :crossed_fingers:t3:


That’s awful and I am sorry you’ve had to go through that.

I do wonder how they knew your details though, sounds like they had your name, address and Monzo card details?

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Thankyou Carl! The fraud team and everyone at Monzo were amazing and it has now been resolved. I just wanted to let everyone know of my experience to make people aware of the techniques these scammers are using. I didn’t eat all weekend whilst this happened and it had a severe mental impact on me, it goes to show how damaging the effects of fraud are for it’s victims. I was lucky to have my money refunded that same weekend. Monzo were fantastic!


This is horrible, sorry you had to go through this I can understand they managed to get your name, address and phone number however I can’t get my head around how they were able to get your card details to be added on Apple Pay normally you would need to give them verification code to add to pay, Did you send your card number over the phone ?

My thoughts also! It all seemed so genuine; they clearly knew my card details to add it to their Apple Pay, I just feel so stupid for accepting it on the app but I was led to believe the “new card” was being added to my Apple Pay so I could still access my money - when really they was obviously adding it to their own phone! I have been refunded now thank god :slight_smile: lesson learned and it was an awful experience!

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Yes they knew my name, address, phone number and clearly my bank details as I didn’t give them any of my bank card details on the phone - literally nothing!! The only bit of details I told them was my balance and that I had no pots. That was it. I approved the Apple Pay to be added because they told me that they was updating my Apple Pay to reflect the details of my new card that they was sending me so I could access the money whilst waiting for it. So i did approve it to be added on the app because I thought it was for my phone, when clearly they was adding it on theirs :frowning: but yeah I didn’t tell them any other details apart from my banks balance and that I had no pots, they already had everything else

Either phished or compromised as part of some data leak and published/sold online.

I’m a big fan of DeHashed for the latter. Helps me keep on eye on anything that’s out there, take steps to protect myself, then remove it from their database when I’ve done so.

It’s remarkably easy to piece identities together from various leaks, and certainly with the ones I’ve been caught in it would have been possible to link together my identity with my emails and usernames, and from there, a leaked credit card number (just the one; an old Santander card that has long since expired with the account closed).

You have my sympathies @Vickyd22! Glad Monzo have done well by you though. Hopefully that’s left you feeling a little more at ease.


This odd I thought when adding card to Apple Pay it does not matter how much details you have, if you do not have verification code in form of sms you will remain stuck on the screen, glad you got your fun bank btw I learnt something new today

Oh god, how awful…

Sometimes you think; “it could never happen to me” and they catch you off guard…

I hope you are okay and hope the birthday still goes on and is enjoyed. :monzo: :heart:


So glad this has been resolved! :raised_hands:t3:

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This is the text I got, but I had already approved it in the app :frowning:

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Thanks so much Tom. :grin:
Yes the birthday was brilliant she had an amazing time! And they definitely caught me off guard, they are getting more smarter with their techniques it’s so scary!

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Thankyou! Yes Monzo handled it brilliantly and restored my faith completely :slight_smile:

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Just as an aside.

If a bank (or anyone else) calls you, just insist on calling them back (on their published number). It’s a simple safeguard. Most operators are used to it these days too and will give you a name or reference to use when you call back


Thanks for the terrifying details - and good to hear it worked out.

Unfortunately, as more and more services switch to digital-only (Monzo is one of the pioneers in the banking sector), then the scammers pick-up on available loop-holes pretty quickly. And sadly, the loop-holes aren’t there because of any security issues with the service, they are there because of how people react to panic with sudden issues regarding possible personal loss, while receiving what they perceive as protection from ‘the forward-thinking services’

Scammers have it mapped out and are very convincing, gaming the system of services to get you to agree to give access to what you own in unknown ways, so they can take it. Awful.

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