Scam alert - 'Monzo' fraud department (phishing phone call)

Just had a convincing phone call from someone posing as Monzo Fraud and was exactly the same as this post. I, unfortunately, tapped the notification to allow them to add my card on Apple Pay but immediately I hung up (realised what was happening) and then froze my card. Hopefully, that stopped anything.

I’m just waiting for Chat to respond so I can actually report it…

But I have a few questions. How did they know my card details including the code on the back? They also knew my address, how? Is there any way to prevent this kind of thing from happening in the future?



So sorry to hear that this happened @DroidStyle - rest assured we’ll never call you like this, and I’m glad you froze your card right away. Please do be wary in case you receive any further calls!

Unfortunately there’s no way for us to know how your details can be compromised. Usually it’s from some form of phishing, for example an NHS or delivery text that asks for your address and card details. Scammers can also make it seem like they know all your details, or trick you into providing them on the call. Monzo staff don’t have access to your full card number or 3 digit code so we won’t ever provide or ask you for this.

Just in case, if you receive any further calls asking you to unfreeze your card, move money, or action anything like a payment in the app, this is not genuine and you should hang up immediately. Hopefully chat will get back to you soon and can block and replace your card.

The best thing to do is be vigilant of any calls you receive and if you’re ever unsure of what you’re being asked to do, hang up and call back using the number either on the back of your card, or from an official and reliable source ie the main website of the apparent caller.


It was worrying that they knew so much, for example they knew my card was metal - how is that possible?

You said they got the chance to add the card to Apple Pay - so it’ll be that that gives away what card it is.

Not sure with :apple: Pay, but Google Pay also shows the last 4 digits of the card number on the card graphic and also the last transaction made. Not enough for a security breach - but enough for a clever scammer to convince someone they are from Monzo using those details.


Ah of course! Thank you, that was troubling me!

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