Santander Transfer not occurring

I would make an official complaint to each bank and ask for their final responses to get to the next step

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i will if this doesnt get solved soon but a response can take up to 6 months. my friend needs the rent now and i dont have any more money to resolve this right now! i just dont understand how this can go so wrong :frowning:

Doesn’t sound good either way.

update santander are saying the refernce is 100% proof the payment went through and believe the fault is with monzo…again

trying to recall it but may be to late in the day :frowning:

Feel for you here, sounds like a horrible situation. Hope it gets resolved asap.

I’d certainly be making a complaint to whoever it transpires is at fault!


thanks man i appreciate it @welshguy99 . Further update santander raised it to someone senior and theyve basically said the long code i gave monzo is proof that its been sent to monzo and that monzo basically has it in a deposit accoutn lost somewhere but dont know where to send it. I cant have it recalled as it was never sent to the wrong account or something along these lines. so here i am still stuck not knowing what to do and my friends rents still not payed. its crazy man.

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Its crazy the customers have to mediate between banks at this point. Surely once we flagged up the issue the banks should be working together to find the damn thing!


Further update. tried phoning monzo…got a automatic response that basically said youre not a customer sossss cant help then it hung up…

Honestly I’d just raise a complaint now, sounds like you’re going to spend a while going in circles.


I think doing it all by phone call is going to cause you issues as you don’t have any audit trail of the process and of who has said what. It may be quicker to get action, but when you need proof of Monzo-said-this-Santander-said-that at the complaint stage you’ll be struggling, unless you have taken really extensive notes.


Possibly, but starting the process, and making sure that both banks know you are determined, might help them to concentrate their efforts.

Good luck, you’re certainly on some journey !


Hi All, thanks for the comments. A complaints been raised with Monzo and i will raise one with Santander shortly too. Im going to try and come off this because mentally this is stressing me out a lot. Will try and provide some updates in the future hopefully with a resolution.


Get Monzo to email you a detailed response advise that the money sent by Santander with the code they provided has been recalled by Santander on xyz date, forward to Santander if they accept emails :wink:

Also ask Santander for emails etc so when you go through the complaint process you have got a better fuller audit trail even if it needs to go to Ombudsman


Realistically speaking there’s no way a simple issue like this will take 6 months to resolve. If the payment has still not arrived it’s probably someone at the bank fat-fingering a reference number somewhere and as soon as the complaint gets looked at they’ll quickly see it and sort it out.

Truly hope so. I just wish the two banks would talk to each other and sort it out instead of leaving customers to mediate between them. I have logged a complaint and they are investigating the transfer but its still urgent i just want to pay my friends rent swiftly :frowning:

Can you phone them both at the same time and then when you’re through to both, put them on speaker and let them talk to each other?

They’d probably say they can’t and won’t if you ask in advance, but it might be worth a try.

Thats the problem because its to my friends account monzo wont speak to me. it is essentially santander to me, me to my friend, my friend to monzo and back. A zoom call would resolve this in about 10 minutes but banks aiii

As said before both log a complaint.
Get the transaction reference from Santander and give to your friend.
Once both complaints teams look into it I’m sure it will be sorted.
Most financial organisations like to resolve complaints within 5 working days if they can.
I know Monzo are normally quick.

Monzo should be able to confirm where it has gone if it has actually left your bank rather than your account.


Update. Monzo is not upholding the complaint and is basically stating the complaint cant be upheld because the account holder with monzo has to follow up and see whats happening instead of me…bloody crazy…i guess i’m left with the ombudsmen to help me :frowning: this experience has been horrifying.

if i asked Santander to recall the money would that make my friends account go negative or just retrieve the money from where ever it sent because Monzo is really not helping me to resolve this.