Bank transfer not showing up and Monzo support - all dead apparently!

OK, first thing I used the international transfer and transferwise facility in the app to send some money to my Spanish bank account yesterday afternoon. It’s now well into next working day and it’s still not showing. It’s not a small amount of money so seeking reassurance from Monzo that it’s just stuck in the system somewhere.

App says if it doesn’t show up within 4 hours then “get in touch”.

Tried contacting Monzo support through App chat no response from a human in nearly 2 hours. Tried ringing - no response after 10 minutes so get cut off.

Feeling disappointed that support at Monzo seems to have fallen off a cliff - I know we’re in the middle of a pandemic, but I think Monzo needs to step it up a bit if you’re getting higher than normal enquiries - and not leave people worrying about their own particular situation.

Because I used Transferwise in the app - Monzo automatically set up the Transferwise account so I don’t think I can go straight to Transferwise to find out where the issue is.

I just need to talk/chat to somebody for some help. Feeling like I’m out on a limb here.

Any suggestions…

The chat thing should have told you how long you can expect to get a response. Did it not do that for you?

You can go direct to transferwise, there’s a reference involved somewhere that makes your account.

I don’t know the exact details, but if you search on here it’s been mentioned plenty of times.

Thanks for your quick reply. It just says “We’ll find someone to help you and let you know when they’re here”.

I keep prompting for some sort of response but getting nothing.

Thanks for the tip - I shall see what I can find.

Hi there, if I am not mistaken you can use the same email address used for monzo account and mention you have forgotten password and that would allow you to create the account. From there you would be able to track the money.

Even if Monzo chat came back to you they still will liaise with TransferWise. Happened to me once.

Got into Transferwise - there’s some messages there as to whats going on. So thanks again - at least I now know why it’s not in the account and it is in the system.


Thanks. Yes I’ve now opened up Transferwise.

Feeling slightly more relieved now.

What I was worried about was setting up the password and then finding I screwed the connection between Monzo and Transferwise. Anyway, I can see the transaction and what’s happening to it so all’s good for now anyway.

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