Santander Transfer not occurring

Hi Folks,

Could someone help me

I have transferred over £2000 to someone with a Monzo account on Friday and it still not arrived in there account. i was under the impression that any payments made by faster payment must have arrive by 12 am the next working day but it has since past then.

I’ve had a word with Santander and its all clear at their end. It was initially picked up by the fraud team but i have since phoned 3 times since and all can confirm it was sent on Friday. It is now Tuesday and the persons Monzo Account has still not recieved the money.

Looking at the status report i can see that Monzo had issues with bank transfers and i’m wondering if this was the issue.

it was sent through Faster payment and i can confirm the sort code is correct 04 00 04. So i cant figure out whats happened especially with it showing in my Santander account that the money has gone

Anybody got any ideas or know how to help please?

This is a bit urgent as it is to do with their rent : /

Any help would be appreciated :innocent:

Have you successfully sent money to this account previously? It’s been reported previously that some banks will delay sending of money to Monzo accounts due to “anti fraud measures”, but I don’t recall if Santander was one of them.

Try sending £1 to the same account and see if that gets through?

TBH Monzo will show the money in the account as soon as it arrives, so if it isn’t showing it hasn’t arrived.

It was the first time i sent money to the account but has been a quite stressful period ahaha XD. ill try sending a pound to see what happens!

So i sent over 50p and it was instant but the other amount still hasnt arrived yet???

Probably still with their fraud team. Standard procedure, according to reports on the forum, is the bank will tell you it’s definitely sent even though it hasn’t been. Does seem like a very long hold :thinking:

i know right XD its stressing me out trying to find the issue XD

Looks like im in a blackhole. My bank says it sent it (phoned them 4 times now), Monzo is saying that my bank cancelled a request for the other accounts details but somehow the moneys not in my account or my friends account : (

Could be that after Santander held the initial transaction and cleared it they resent it by other means such as BACS which might take several working days to clear. Could also be that Monzo held the transaction and are investigating for the same reasons that Santander initially did.

At least the 50p got there so you know you used the correct numbers.

Doesn’t help you at the moment but it’s one less thing to worry about!

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Blockquote yeah thanks :frowning:

You could try asking Santander for the transaction reference number, and asking your friend to get Monzo to see where the money is.

monzo said santander sent the transaction then recalled it but santander is saying they sent it to mozo so im stuck in a black hole XD really annoying. They checked the refernce and said santander pulled it :frowning:

Reading between the lines, sounds to me like a fraud department at Santander had some alarms go off, and they pulled the payment while they investigate. In the meantime, frontline support either can’t see this, or they can but it’s coupled with a big “Do not talk to the customer about any of this while we investigate” warning.

When the investigation finishes, it may be that the transfer finally goes through for your friend, or the money reappears in your account. (Or it may be you’re contacted by Santander for a chat?) Or some other resolution. But there should be a resolution sooner or later. Money doesn’t just ‘vanish’ like this.

Worst case, you have to make a formal complaint to Santander, then complain to the ombudsman, then complain to the money pages in the national news, and finally Santander will realise they’ve had the moneny all along in an account they hadn’t noticed, and they forgot to move it back to yours. (Partially exaggeration for comic effect, but partially based on truth as I have seen stories of people have bank payments bounce back but not appear back in their account because a reconciliation step has been mucked up at some step of the way.)


haha ive read those same stories but do hope it ge resolved soon!

Update santander are still saying it monzo. very he say she say

further update (thanks for coming along on this journey so far) santander has traced the payment and can confirm its with mozno. Been given a long code to give to monzo to now search for the payment and credit it to my friends account. good thing my friends not in immediate life threatening danger or held hostage the time its taken im sure it would have been to late by now :frowning:


the interesting bit would be when did Santander send the money that they have now " traced " …and who did they send it to … :slight_smile: , glad you are getting nearer though

update mozno are saying the code santander said use to trace has been sent back. getting really tired of this now its really stressful

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im losing hairs with this can someone just take responsibility :sleepy:

further update Monzo is saying they traced the code we gave and that they cant see that it ever entered an account. well if santander says monzo has it and monzo says they sent it back what the hell is happening! i feel so helpless that money has just disappeared and i’m starting to lose sleep over this. Every time i phone santander they are adamanet that theyve traced it to a monzo accoutn and now monzo says it was called back. The money is not in my account so can they either send it back or send it to my friend! or whatever man im feeling so let down by both banks man. Can they not contact each other and resolve this!!!