Missing payment to account! Chat open for 3 days

I’ve been waiting for a ‘Faster Payment’ since Monday and still not received it. I also spoke to someone on chat on Monday who was looking into it but the chats been open for 3 days now and no reply! If this was a regular bank they would have sorted it out within an hour! This is crazy

Depends on the reason really

Have they received it or has it been held by the sending bank for checks, is this a regular payment or a one off from a new payee?

As far as I know it isn’t up to Monzo to investigate it, if a credit to your account goes missing the sending bank need to initiate a trace of it not the receiving bank

Hi Tom, more of the issue is that they said they would investigate 3 days ago and I’ve heard nothing since

Hi, the payment has been sent from someone to my monzo account, they have sent me the confirmation and the reference number for it but still no payment

Have you asked for an update and nobody has replied?

I’m 99% sure they have to report it as not received to their bank and they trace it from their side

Correct I even called them and they said someone would reply soon😫 that was 2 days ago

I’ll try and get hold of them. ( i believe they are on holiday and previously was difficult to contact which is why I went down this route as monzo said they could help )

There is nothing that we can do on here to help unfortunately. You just need to keep messaging and calling.

Did you manage to solve it in the end?