Money isn’t showing up in new Monzo account

Good morning all,

Apologies if this hasn’t been posted in the right place, my first time posting here. I’m a little concerned…

I want to use Monzo as my main bank, I’ve heard good things about it and I’ve been left disappointed previously with my current bank HSBC.

I set up my Monzo account last night and transferred about £2000 into the account so I can add it to my savings pot, I missed the cut off time however it left my HSBC account at 7:34am this morning and it’s still not appearing in my Monzo account.

HSBC have told me it was processed successfully on their end so I’m unsure as to why I can’t see this massive chunk of money. FYI account number and sort code details are correct however I haven’t received my card yet, but the app is still saying I can add money without my card needing to be activated.

I attempted another transfer of a smaller amount (£10) to see if it was the large sum of money being held and again that’s not in their either, I am now getting slightly worried as I was told it takes 2 hours but it’s now gone over that and I can’t find my money even though it’s successfully left my HSBC account.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Best option is to use the chat support at the bottom of the Help tab and they’ll be able to look into it for you.


Hello George :wave:

HSBC is a little odd when it comes to making transfers, their checks are quite rigorous.

It can take up to 4 hours for a transfer to arrive from HSBC. So much so that if you nip to the help section of your Monzo app and search HSBC, you’ll see there’s a help section dedicated to it.

I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about and the transfer will arrive shortly.


If you go to the help section of the app and type in HSBC you’ll find an article or two about this. It seems to be a known issue there are delays with HSBC in certain circumstances :neutral_face:

Ahh that age old adage “faster payments” clearly for HSBC they can’t understand what “faster” actually means :rofl:

So I’ve just checked again and the smaller transaction has gone through but my much larger payment is still missing :frowning:

This will be down to HSBC’s end :disappointed:

We can’t do much about this but if you get the Transaction Reference Number (TRN) from them we can always have a look :female_detective:

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HSBC just phoned. It went through a fraud check, all ok :+1:t3: kind of annoying since they told me it went through fine with 0 checks.


Glad it’s sorted! They seem to do that quite often which is why we have the Help article in the app!