Santander Transfer not occurring

I thought the problem was that your friend with the Monzo account hadn’t received your Santander account transfer , why would it now go negative if they hadn’t received it anyway ? …

I wouldn’t expect Monzo to entertain talking about your friends account details with you a Santander customer …even if you were a Monzo customer with Monzo account they wouldn’t / couldn’t discuss your friends Monzo account with another individual .

Maybe your friend needs to raise the complaint with Monzo rather than yourself.

Because if they have not received it but Santander pull fund from the account which we have proven is my friends account it would make them go negative.surely? All i want is the money traced so i can send it to my friend. If Santander can pull it back so i can send again ill do it but i cant do it if it will make the situation worst.

Nevertheless i just want my friend to get the bloody money. It would be useful if they could at least confirm they have found the money transferred instead of just saying your complaint is not upheld and that my friend would have to take it further. Its ridiculous that i have to do any of this in the first place

and yep already done :frowning: @nickvid82

So are Monzo not even looking into the complaint raised by your friend!? I can understand them not upholding a complaint by a non customer.

My friend said the last correspondence she has with Monzo was that they were contacting Santander. Im waiting for further feedback and whether that complaint gets upheld before any further action as i don’t want to complicate anything further but really hoping this doesn’t have to go to the ombudsmen as there typical case waiting time is in the months : /

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Try the finance/advice columnist in the telegraph, they really don’t like monzo and will likely jump on this for you

You need to make a formal complaint to Santander.

Think of it like the postal service - if a package is lost, it’s the sender who needs to make the claim with the postal service. In this case, the sender [you] needs to make the complain with the ‘postal service’ you used [Santander]. So I’m not surprised the complaint to Monzo got nowhere.

Even if it ends up being Monzo’s fault and that they’ve got the money but not deposited it properly, it needs to be Santander putting the pressure on them on your behalf to sort it.

My advice of a week ago still stands: make a formal complaint to Santander. Make them trace and retrieve your money for you.

Santander will not ‘pull’ any funds from your friend’s account - they will try and find the money you sent. They will have to find that specifically allocated money in order to resolve your complaint, they can’t simply ‘retrieve’ the sum you sent from your friend regardless of where it came from.


Thanks for the comments ill defo be on it tomorrow! Thanks!

@FEGERRGRGffef Did you ever get this sorted?

It sounds to me that the problem is definitely with Santander. They have done similar things with me in the past - where I have sent a payment which hasn’t arrived, but in my case the payment is then re-credited to my Santander account with the date being the next day - and this then means the money “comes back”, of sorts, so I can make the payment again. But this usually happens overnight so it’s a stressful night of poor sleep worrying about it!

In my case it has only ever happened between my own accounts so it has been easier to trace but Santander do seem to have very aggressive checks on payment. In my experience, they are far more likely to stop your payment than other banks. They also tend to call your landline phone if you make a “suspicious” payment from the mobile app (some logic about not calling a stolen phone, which doesn’t really follow) and this is such a pain if you miss their call!

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Nope not sorted yet unfortunately. Santander have categorically ruled out that they have the funds and have even given me the faster payment receipt that its gone through to Monzo but Monzo has not been helpful at all. I’m waiting for Monzo to respond to my friends complaint which they are taking some time on then i’ll just go to the ombudsmen.

Santander has traced it to Monzo. Monzo has never denied to me that they have not received the payment but rejected my complaint saying that my friend has to raise one instead. Honestly, they have not been helpful at all.

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Sorry to hear that.

It does sound like the ombudsman is the solution here as that will force the two banks to look into it properly as part of the investigation.

Good luck with it and do come back to thread to let us know the outcome or any updates!

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