(Rumee Ahmed) #1

Thought of a really cool idea, forgive me if anyone has mentioned this before.

Imagine for online transactions such as Amazon, eBay etc, in the transaction details you have the tracking information inside it and updates you real time and shows on a map where your parcel has been.

What do you guys think?


The problem is the that Yodel and Amazon’s own delivery agents throw it in any old garden in any street and then report it as delivered.

As an idea, to link to tracking info is interesting, though.

(Rumee Ahmed) #3

I hope not, waiting on a delivery from Amazon today


I hope you have better luck than I do with them.

They think that parking to obstruct the footpath is acceptable whilst they deliver to the wrong house. :roll_eyes:

(Rumee Ahmed) #5

That’s hilarious:joy: I can imagine it being a pain for you though.

I’ve made over a hundred orders from Amazon this year not once has this happened to. So I guess that’s what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving

(Peter) #6

Sounds like what Google Now does for packages except through Monzo, would be a nice idea if they could hook up to some API!

As for luck with Amazon, I’ve dealt with some rushed & rude drivers but they’re usually throwing it my face rather than my neighbour’s so… can’t complain too much. :joy:

(Simon B) #7

There’s a nice app on iOS and macOS called Parcel for tracking deliveries, would be great to do an API integration for order tracking, definitely :slight_smile:

(Hugh) #8

If you’re on Android I recommend Deliveries - it syncs across your Google account and there is even a little web interface :slight_smile: Very shiny!

(Rumee Ahmed) #9

Yeah I’ve got the parcel app, but manually entering tracking details is a bit long