Amazon delivery

Ordered something two days ago and it’s supposed to be delivered today. However it’s not showing as dispatched which is unusual, as according to them on live chat

Orders can be dispatched right up until the night prior to delivery, depending on the service used.

So i tried to explain this to them, that last night was the night prior to delivery and nothing has came through saying it’s been dispatched, they then just copied and pasted the above statement when I did

Not only that, when I ordered said item ,the next day it said it was out of stock, and then this morning it’s back in stock at £12 cheaper than when I ordered it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Is it likely i’d be able to get a partial £12 refund when I do receive it ?

I ordered another item yesterday, and that’s already showing as being dispatched. So why the item I ordered two days ago still isn’t. I don’t know.

Cancel the order and rebuy it at the cheaper price


Ya i’ll do that if it doesn’t come today. It’s looking very unlikely as I checked my past emails and they always give an email one day before it’s delivered

Amazon say it’ll be here today or tomorrow.
The company I bought it from via amazon have it in stock on their website so hopefully its ok

You can try. I’ve done this before and they wanted me to reorder it and post the first item (but more likely the second item) back to them. After saying it was a huge waste of time, resources and damage to the environment they relented and credited me the difference.

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It is very common, for me, for items to be delivered the same day they are dispatched. I guess it depends on how close you are to the distribution centre, which one it is coming from and many other factors.


No not really! If you buy something from a shop and then the next day there’s a sale and it’s sold cheaper, they don’t normally give refunds out to people who bought it before.

As it’s online you have the option to cancel, probably means posting back at this point, up to you if that’s worth it for £12

It’s about time Monzo created a ‘delivery issues’ category on this forum


Apple tend to honour price decreases as long as you’re within your return window but then Apple aren’t your usual merchants.

Also to note Amazon tend to suspend accounts and permanently ban people from shopping with them for too many returns so depending on how much that £12 means and how important Amazon is in one’s life, I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it

Yes, they are already overcharging for everything and have a ridiculous profit margin, so they can afford it :smiley:

Update: Now marked as dispatched and I have the tracking number too. Not gonna be delivered today but its better than nothing

Says DPD need Photo ID for the driver ? It’s just a computer part… it’s being delivered to my parents address would that be ok ?
After doing some googling it appears if they do ask for photo ID, as long as the address and surname corresponds then its ok

There’s no question in your last comment. It’s just you talking to yourself out loud :sweat_smile:


lmao yeah that does happen

I’ve taken stuff for my husband all the time (different surname). No problem. They just want evidence it’s being collected I think. Also delivery drivers have targets, not likely to mess around.

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DPD for the most part will just take a photo of the item with the open door - to prove it’s been delivered at the right address.

I’m pretty much on first name terms with our DPD driver this Lockdown year… But they’ve never asked for ID, even when grabbing parcels for my Partner, neighbours, etc.

I probably should get them something for Christmas…

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Fair enough. It does say they will ask for ID but after asking around as long as the surname matches then it should be ok.

I did order a phone back in 2017 and they were supposed to ask for ID but he pretty much said " We sometimes ask for ID, but dont bother "

Leave it in a bin in mid January. Put a sorry we missed you card on the front step


When I bought my first iBook, they released a new version with better specs and knocked the price down a few days after I ordered mine.

Apple e-mailed me informing me that I’d be getting the new model and the difference refunded.

I don’t think they’d do something like that these days though!

My delivery driver from a different firm rung me up the other day.

I’ve got a parcel for you, it’s not your usual order so is this one safe to be left in the porch 🤦🤣 comes to something when the driver is like oh he’s getting something different this week

Exact same thing happened to me! But a different item

I got the same with a MacBook Pro three years ago. I’d be surprised if they stopped doing this.

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