Amazon Prime

How’s everyone’s experience with it? To me, the service has really gone downhill with packages not turning up, turning up days late or being damaged.

On the plus side, their response times on their chat support are near instantaneous and I did get some sort of resolution. The guys in the chat aren’t as personable or as flexible in their responses as Monzo chat support though. The one guy did just joke to me about ‘becoming a super man’ and delivering my package on time. He didn’t really respond to me joking back with him that with Amazon’s Q3 revenue of 56.6 billion USD, Jeff Bezos could probably get my package to me on time if he wanted though :joy:.

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I’ve found it great so far. Bearing in mind I signed up last week with their student offer. I’ve ohlg come across one item I wanted that wasn’t covered by prime.

Do you use any of the other features?

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I think part of it maybe depends on area and couriers used. My brother orders a lot more than me and had a better success rate.

We use Prime Video a little bit but mostly use Netflix. I do find it a little jarring that free to view Prime stuff is mixed in with things for sale/rent on Amazon but then I guess they’re all about selling things.

I’ve had it for 2 or 3 years now and I buy more than enough stuff on Prime to make it worth it. I don’t use any of the other features, though, like the Music or Prime Video stuff (Netflix is still way better). I also use Prime Now for same day grocery delivery maybe once a week.


I get most of my Amazon stuff delivered to Doddle, never had anything arrive late.

I’ve been using it for couple years now and love it. Use it for work too when we need stuff we don’t have a vendor setup for.

Love the household feature too - so my other half is under ‘my household’ and gets all my benefits and he just pays half the monthly cost!!

I’ve had prime for about 2 years now. I have a student membership though, so it’s only £3.99 a month. I’m not sure if I’d want to pay £7.99 a month for it just yet - although I have to say I think it’s improved a lot in the past few months.

Prime delivery has always been on time for me and never had any issues. I feel that Prime Video has improved a lot in the last couple of months, with a lot more shows to come too (Prime originals).

Been using it for years and had no problems. I usually deliver to my local amazon locker. I tried the music service and didn’t like it much and I always forget about the movies service. Netflix is my go-to for that. Overall Prime is a pretty good deal for me.

Never had an issue here. I often get locker, home and 2 hour prime now deliveries and pretty much always arrive on time

Never used the music service as I use Spotify but use prime video sometimes.

Also take advantage of the free magazines and books from kindle as well

I’ve been using Prime for a few years now, and the physical side of things does seem to have gone downhill slightly in the last few months.

I haven’t noticed an increase in parcels being damaged, at least - and in most cases any damage would be caused regardless of if I was using Prime or not as it seems to come at the packing stage.

What I have noticed is that pre-orders used to turn up on time or even early, but now they’re increasingly not bothering to send me pre-orders until after the release date, so times are I’ll get things a week ‘late’, as it were.

Largely, this doesn’t bother me, as I’m rarely in a rush and happy to get things eventually, but there’s no denying that it does represent a deterioration in service.

The main reason for having Prime these days would seem to be for having access to Prime Video and the occasional exclusive Prime discount. I probably don’t use Prime Video as much as I could as it’s difficult to discover the free content on there, so I end up just watching the Prime exclusive TV shows I follow and using Netflix instead when I’m browsing for things.

Love it, have had it ever since Launch and the free delivery more than pays for itself. Ocassionally some turn up a bit late which isn’t great but they are very good about it, hop on their chat and let them know and you’ll always get something as a “sorry”
Either an extra month of membership, or a £5 goodwill credited to your account.

The streaming services are very good too. Has some offers that Netflix just don’t have and as it’s already on the Prime it’s useful to have.

Couldn’t be without it really, although the cost has gone up recently, as long as it doesn’t go up anymore I’ll be staying a customer.

I’ve had Amazon Prime since 2011, having been a regular Amazon customer since 2004.

Overall I think Amazon Prime delivery is still very good. Most of my orders have been delivered on time. I have had the rare occurrences (like a month ago) where the tracking just stopped outside Dunfermline or where both my work colleague and my parcel both went missing in transport at the same time. They are never usually late and the rare times they are and I complain about it being late, I usually get £10 credit.

Personally, I use Amazon enough to make the costs of Prime a loss for Amazon so I cannot complain these odd missing parcels. I’ve had good experiences like at the weekend. I ordered an item at 11pm Saturday night with delivery set for Monday, and it arrived Sunday instead.

I have started venturing out to other services but it is hard to compare against Prime. I was impressed with John Lewis last Christmas that I could order a Christmas Tree past 7pm for next day delivery. Shame they don’t offer a Prime like service or I may use them more often.

What I think is useless about Prime is being forced to have Amazon Video and other “features” I never use. I have no interest on these bolt on services and it did annoy me when they raised the price because of it.

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I reckon being in Glasgow and so close to both Dunfermline and Greenock depots means that we tend to get it good when it comes to delivery speed!

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Had prime for years now and can’t recommend it enough! Love the next day and 2 hour delivery options, use Amazon music daily and rarely use the Prime videos. However one thing I use which is rarely mentioned is the unlimited photo storage on Amazon drive.

Started off with the student offer then decided to keep it on afterwards. Definitely worth the money.

Although with Amazon… some of the delivery routes aren’t clear cut… i’ve ordered stuff that has come from Dunfermline… gone to Glasgow to be dispatched to Edinburgh…

But as for the service itself… had a problem once or twice (mainly when they’ve used Yodel), but I now tend to get stuff delivered to work or an Amazon locker

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Oh I always cry when they use Yodel! We have two sets of lockers in the office so usually get stuff there unless it’s big things

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I’ve used PrimeNow a few times to get a few things same day and love it, the £20 minimum spend generally wasn’t too much of an issues for things I ordered.

Never really had many issues with packages going missing as they always get delivered to my work.

Had it for ages, and never had a problem with it. Prime delivery and access to Prime Video all for the same price as Netflix is a great deal.

How good is Prime Music?

Not the Unlimited version that they charge extra for, the one included within Amazon Prime please?

eh is pretty much my answer to it, seems okay but always makes you feel like you should pay for the full version which i wont do

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