Anyone Ordered From Bose Before?

Purchased some PC speakers this morning and already wish I hadn’t.
Paid £10 extra for next day delivery, and in the confirmation it said it would be delivered next week even though its in stock.

Phoned them up and couldnt understand a word of what the bloke was saying so hung up the phone.

Messaged them on twitter and they said I haven’t paid for next day delivery even though i have proof in the email that I paid extra for it

They have also cocked upp my address by duplicating the first line twice. The lady said she will correct it right away, then said she couldn’t because its being processed, then said theyd have to contact somebody else in the team to see what they could do, all in one message
So sent her a pic of my order confirmation which proves I have paid extra
In the tracking it does say " UPS Express " which means it’s next day ( thats if it even gets here due to the error in the address ) , so all a bit confusing

I wouldn’t worry about the address thing as UPS will only need your door number and post code to route it correctly.

The poor service isn’t exactly excusable though especially when you’ve paid that exorbitant amount for next day delivery.

What does UPS tracking say about the estimated delivery?

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" When the shipment arrives at our facility, the delivery date will be updated "

Yeah the house number and post code is right, they have just duplicated the house number thanks

Example… It said " flat 5
Flat 5, 14 smith Street"

Instead of " flat 5,14 Smith Street"

Only one block of flats on my street so hoping its ok

Again, Amazon Prime would be much cheaper and less stress.

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I wouldn’t be too worried about the address.

You can call up your local ups depot if it doesn’t get delivered , but if it gets to the depot it probably means ups have worked out the address or it wouldn’t get anywhere.

Ups express is a 1-2 business day service, so they ship it the next day (Friday) then it will arrive within 1 or 2 business days of that (Monday or Tuesday)

You might be lucky and they send it out today and it arrives tomorrow but unlikely.

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OK dude thanks
I’ll keep an eye on the tracking, it’s coming from Belgium, something they didn’t tell me before I ordered

Did you not learn from all your past online orders?

If you absolutely need it for the next day you can’t rely 100% on delivery firms!


Same place as their warranty replacements by the sound of it.

I’ve ordered from Bose before and have been really impressed with them. I had a pair of the original QC35 headphones that developed a fault out of warranty. I called them up, they sent me a UPS label to send off my old pair and a new pair of the newer QC35 IIs for free arrived a few days later.


They’d told me to just send the headphones, removing the cushions etc so I expected to receive just the headphones as a replacement. Instead they sent everything, including carry case, cables and cushions. I’d also ordered a pair of replacement cushions as they were getting a bit worn, but they refunded me for those too and didn’t want them back. Really, really impressed with their customer service.


Fair comment ordog, I need to be more patient I think.

Anyway, I’ve checked the ups site and it’s being delivered tomorrow

I’ve got an estimated delivery time, are they usually accurate or would i best to stay at home incase I miss it

Look what happened last time

Stay at home

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Buckle up, everyone! Tomorrow’s going to be a wild one!


I had a very similar story with my headphones. They had a fault and I basically sent them back and paid postage and they sent me the latest ones for free. Really impressed!!

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Lol it certainly will.
Don’t know how they messed up the address, in one email it was spot on, the second email had the duplicate line :thinking:

Soon as I see the van i’ll run outside to make sure they come to the right place

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Got here nice and early, 10AM


Well that was anticlimatic!

But good to hear you got what you paid for (next day delivery)

Enjoy the :loudspeaker::loudspeaker:

I guess we’ll have to cancel the movie option, sorry.

Enjoy your purchase!


Thanks dude.
The sound is insane for such cheap and small speakers :slight_smile: