HI guys
Put an order in with Argos the other day expecting it to be delivered with their own courier however i’ve been informed that they’ve sent it with Yodel.
Are they any good ? Are they like DPD where it tells you a timeslot etc ?


They did that to me just before Christmas, think it’s when they’re too busy they subcontract to yodel. I got a text in the morning from them to say I’d get a time slot but it didn’t happen, luckily I was in

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I’ve found that it really depends on who does the delivery locally. We had terrible YODEL here and they were taken over by DPD and sure enough, the DPD deliveries locally went massively downhill.

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Yodel don’t have a very good reputation (compared to dpd) but my experience has been decent.

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All couriers are terrible in one way or another. The only solution is to have a receptionist there all day or to deliver to a friend who has such privilege and then pray they don’t manage to screw it up even despite that.

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Can’t be any where as bad as Amazon who can seem to ignore delivery instructions to the point they can even deliver parcels to a random address nowhere near yours.

Yodel don’t have a good reputation but they do provide white label services for Amazon, so have a hell of a lot of packages in their network.

I’ve never had an issue with them but have heard plenty that have.

In my area where I live it might as well not arrive. They are ninjas with not pressing doorbells or knocking and leaving a note and running away :rofl:

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Yodel is bad here, but a friend a few towns over has no issues, I think it all depends on the driver, the depot and other factors. So no one can really answer unless they are in the same area as you.

We have an Amazon warehouse near so have no issues with Amazon, but at Christmas they used other companies, and had no end of problems including Yodel. In fact one Yodel package took two weeks to arrive, sent by a next day service, didn’t come, they sent another, which didn’t arrive. Complained, they escalated it to Yodel and within 5 hours, both arrived.

I ordered a PC the other day and it was delivered by Yodel completely damaged. The glass panel included was shattered even though it has been packaged very well making me believe it has been thrown even though it had a fragile sticker on it. Would not recommend.

We had the same thing recently from one of the largest PC builders.

The more we assessed the packaging the more we realised this had been done before it reached the courier as the damage to the box wasn’t consistent with the damage to the pc.

Not defending couriers, but I’m certain they are scapegoated sometimes for others failures!

This is spot on. Most courier companies can deliver fairly efficiently to the local delivery person, but if that person has hundreds of packages to deliver, you’ll have problems, and this is always exacerbated at this time of year.

So as expected, there was a c*ck up.
Ordered two items from Argos ( two seperate orders ) at the same time. Both scheduled for today.

Got the tracking number for item 1 this morning, and it came in the afternoon no problem.
Item 2 seems to have disappeard, contacted argos and they say there’s no tracking number however its apparently been dispatched and i should receive it today. Something tells me it wont be here at all.

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Sounds like Argos haven’t dispatched it. A tracking number is generated as the label is printed prior to picking for dispatch.


Called them up and they said it has been dispatched. If it’ not here by 830pm he said, call up again. lol

Did it ever arrive?!

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This pretty much sums Yodal up in my experience lol https://youtu.be/OKGnyh5jIWM

Never had an issue with any delivery firm luckily!

DPD are my favourite though.


As stated above not Yodel. People need to stop blaming couriers for others poor service.

I used to work at a startup that dispatched 500 parcels a day through various couriers. If Argos are telling him there’s no tracking number it’s because they haven’t picked it. You cannot send something through Yodels network without it. It would not make sense to create a picking list without the necessary dispatch paperwork and stickers.

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UK Mail & Yodel are both the worst.