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Hey hey! You may have seen Salary Sorter floating around on the forum already but here’s a bit more info.

When we put Bills Pots into labs we got a lot of feedback that it would be great to be able to easily portion money onto the right pots. We’ve been doing research and so many budgeting strategies start with a little bit of admin at the start of the month to set yourself up for success.

These screenshots show some features still in development so this and my answers are all subject to change etc. etc. but I’m really excited about this and how it could match up with Bills Pots and Paid Early.

Let us know what you think below, happy to answer some questions :blush:


Soon, there’s a few things up in the air so I won’t commit to a date but my hope is we can skip a labs release and get it into your hands ASAP


Really like this idea. What if you get paid weekly would this still work?


That’s the plan as it stands :+1: You’ll be able to sort credits as long as they’re above an amount that’s reasonable to need help splitting

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Will this apply to multiple payments each month? eg wages, tax credits etc

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No, we’ve not touched pot reordering in this

  1. Depending on when this gets into your hands, the answer is yes, or soon.
    The “finished” product will have the ability to sort a payment into your joint account from your solo account (or vice versa)

  2. marking as salary is probably the wrong term but yes, you’ll be able to sort a transfer you’ve made between your personal and joint account


Looks great. It will be great if this recognises a salary payment via Faster Payments which doesn’t arrive on a set date each month.

Yep, any pot (other than fixed savings pots you’re not able to add to obviously)

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Great first steps :slight_smile:

Say you mark a salary as to be sorted next time and the value changes a bit (maybe a bit of overtime or whatever) would it still work? What if the value went down?


You’ll be able to sort it, but we might not be able to remember how much you’ve split to each pot, depending on how erratic the dates are (but are working on getting better at it)


Do not currently have a joint account, but worth a :eyes:

Thanks for showing us this, and it looks great. Being self employed, I’d love to sort my tax as soon as a payment hits my account, which is a percentage. Any chance of that getting added further down the line?

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Sorting as a %, opinions on how much you should sort and where, having sorting templates you can apply to different payments are all areas to potentially explore down the line. Can’t make guarantees though, but we’ll see how this goes down :blush:


This looks great! Three questions for you @JarnoWolf:

  1. Will this work with Joint Accounts?
  2. If yes and you receive two different salaries into the JA, will it allow you to allocate each of the salaries in different ways?
  3. How will this work if your salary amount fluctuates slightly each month? Mine, for example, includes expense payments which vary.

Can this also filter money to a joint account?

it’s being built at the moment, edited the above to make it clearer but yes

Edited the above to make it a bit clearer but:

  1. yes, payments into your joint account will work the same
  2. yep, you can sort them individually (I’m not 100% on how the “remember this” functionality would handle it though, I’ll find out)
  3. If it fluctuates too much we may not be able to remember the sorting you last used, if it’s just a little we’ll adjust the amounts slightly.

You’ll always be confirming the sorted amounts before making any movements so you’ll be able to make changes before giving it the go ahead


Love love love love this!
I do this manually every month so being able to do it from one screen will be amazing!

My salary drops tomorrow… so if there’s any chance of it by them :wink:


Looks fantastic. Can’t wait!

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