The new and improved Salary Sorter 💰

Hey everyone :wave:
Say hello to the new and improved Salary Sorter!

When we first introduced Salary Sorter in September 2021, it was one of the most requested features at the time. So we’re really excited to be able to make it even better for you! :tada:

Salary Sorter lets you automatically divide up incoming payments into different Pots, with the rest left in your main balance to spend. :money_with_wings: Rest easy knowing you have enough set aside for rent, bills, or anything else you need.

You can also sort into your joint account and joint account Pots if you get paid into your personal account, or vice versa. :twisted_rightwards_arrows:

A central hub for all your income :moneybag:
Your sorted and unsorted income are all conveniently in one place. Find any incoming payments that haven’t been sorted, including peer-to-peer payments and account top-ups.

Track your past sorts and delete automatic sorts to stay on top of any changes with your money coming in.

Set it and forget it :recycle:
You can save your sort amounts for your direct deposits. We’ll automatically sort it for you the next time it comes in, without you having to lift a finger.

Instant notifications :bell:
We’ll still let you know when your money comes in with instant notifications. If we weren’t able to automatically sort it for you, we’ll also let you know so you can make any changes.

This is just one step in making Salary Sorter both easy and useful for you. Let us know what you think!


What would cause this, being paid less?

Your screenshot is $1042.50, if I’ve put all that into pots and I get paid $1041.84, what happens?

If your incoming payment is less than your original sort amount, the sort won’t happen and you’ll get a push notification letting you know.

Other scenarios for unsuccessful/partial sorts could include Pots being archived or accounts being closed (like getting paid into your personal account and sorting a portion into your joint account or your partner’s personal acccount)


If you sort into a joint account, when/where does the verification happen?

What do you mean by verification?

I’m assuming in this example the joint account will be treated the same as any pot and the only verification will be confirming the salary sort?

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When you salary sort with just pots, it’s fine, but when I do it to a joint account it’s a transfer so I get the pin/FaceID prompt

I’m just guessing, but you’d get that to confirm the sort, the same way that you’d get it if you were setting up a future standing order.


What @Peter_G wrote :point_up:

PIN/Biometrics are asked on the initial sort. And we’ll automate the sort each paycheck for users.
Changing sort amounts would require a new sort (which would prompt PIN/Biometrics).


@Aithene I’m curious if you’ve tried this out based on your great writeup request in the US ideas area.

Sorry, no. I was focused in on joint accounts when we were looking and have been set up with Zeta for our prime accounts for awhile, there. And once Monzo finally got joint accounts, we just weren’t keen to move everything again.

I still have my personal account with Monzo, but haven’t spent a lot of time playing with it.

I’ll give it a shot since I have a small piece of my paycheck dropping here every two weeks. But won’t be able to test out any of the joint account features.

have you tried Qube Money which seems to be better than Zeta?

Looked everywhere in my iOS app for that Automatic Sorts page, can’t find it, im definitely a Monzo noob.

This is only for USA customers.

@7Ohm 's forum location is set to the USA? :thinking::eyes:

@7Ohm where are you based?!

If you are in the US, I think I’m right in saying that you need to wait for your first direct deposit to hit, then you can set up the sorts that’ll happen automatically the next time.

If you’ve already saved a sort then you should be able to see under the “Sort your income” button on the account list home page (pull down on the feed or tap your user login on the top left of the screen).

Caveat: I’m not a US user so might have got some of that wrong!

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