Automated Salary Sorter (in the US) 👀

Now this is very exciting:

Looks like Monzo US has automated the salary sorter!

UK next pls :pray:


Well that didn’t work. It was meant to be a link to TikTok.

At the risk of suggesting improvements to a feature we don’t have yet, I’m very much part of the #Rounding club and don’t want odd pennies in my account. I sorted my salary yesterday and changed the value of what went into my coin jar as I got paid 20p different. So being able to round it, or set an amount to go into my account and what’s left goes into a pot, in the opposite kinda way, that would be good

@Peter_G - It does work, just took a few seconds to load for me


I’m very much the same. Definitely needed.

Flash poll, particularly for UK folks.

What do we think? Bring it across the pond?

  • Automate that sorter!
  • I’m all for manual labo(u)r

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I’ll probably still do it manually, because I have “save this sort for next time” toggled, I always seem to make a change to it, whether that’s because of a slight tax change or something more deliberate on my behalf.

I have to verify my salary sort as I move a chunk to the joint account for bills, so I wonder how that would work if it’s automated?


I’d love salary sorter to just work tbh. It’s been blanking me for months, can’t remember the last time it actually worked.

Also the above would be nice, alongside auto paid early option instead of the wallet drag.


I stopped using it. :man_shrugging:t3:
It’s not hugely valuable, as depending on the day I get paid & when I get paid, some of my bills may already be paid and so it’s different some months.

I don’t always use salary sorter. I’m paid on the last working day of the month, with means I get it the day before using Get Paid Early (something else the US team has automated :muscle:).

I’ve set up standing orders to basically be an automated salary sorter for the 1st. I’ll only use the manual salary sort on those months where there’s like 3 or 4 days between payday and the 1st, otherwise I’ll just let it happen automatically overnight.

I do kind of err on the side of it being shiny and new and innovative… but not really that useful. Like @revels I always edit the amounts, so automating it would be of no use to me.

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Do your SOs trigger early enough? That used to be a problem some years ago.

For the day after payday…

I trigger mine for the morning I get paid if I’m organised enough, and let my overdraft absorb the dip, and then my pay later in the day will balance everything out.

This is one of the best use cases for an overdraft.