Bill sorter

I’m probably asking a old question but need help please.
I’m thinking of making Monzo my main account and have my salary paid in and bills taken out. I get paid every 28 days on a Friday and my bills come out during the month on different dates. Would the salary sorter work for me? At the moment I have trouble working out how much money I have for myself because I have to hold back on spending until my bills have been paid. I’m really stuck and struggling to do the working out.
Does the salary sorter know what bills come out when and deduct these from my salary also.
Thanks in advance. Hope you can help.

Salary sorter moves money to your Pots etc.

The Pots calculate how much is due each month after they’ve been collected at least once.

The two don’t talk in a manner I think you assume they do.

You’d have to input how much you want moved into the pot every month.

Once you’ve calculated the first time, you can save salary sorter for next time.

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