BACS payment

I have my wages due tomorrow so was expecting to see it as an upcoming payment this morning and be able to get it today at 4pm.

I don’t see anything on my upcoming payments this morning in the app, is that perhaps because it’s quite early in the day?

I’ve been with the same employer for 13 years and it’s a major company (doing well) so I know it’s nothing to do with my work.

Last month I saw my wages the day before they were due as an upcoming payment but just can’t see them today. I’m not sure if I looked as early last month however.

It generally shows up as pending around 9am, and then as you said at 4pm you can get it early.

Thank you! I was thinking perhaps I was a bit too early. It’s wonderful this payday now thing but If you don’t see your wages there the day before it gives quite a fright! I’ll check again later. Thanks again

You were spot on, it started showing at 9am