Get paid early notification.

Hi everyone. I’m just wondering - in regards to the get paid early notification - I know that if I’m due to get paid on Friday, I will get a notification showing my incoming payment for the day before 2 days before (so on Wednesday) that tells me to come back 4pm on Thursday. My question is - if I’m getting paid on a Tuesday, will I get the incoming notification late Friday? Obviously I wouldn’t be able to get paid until 4pm Monday but I wondered if maybe it would still show on Friday considering it’s the 2nd working day beforehand.

Sorry if this makes noooo sense!

Thank you

Hi. Welcome.

So you want to know if your salary will show two days in advance? This isn’t something Monzo control, they show you when they have it coming.

I think it depends on where it is in the flow and what time it was actually actioned by your employer. Mine appears at all sorts of different times but rarely two days early, usually on the same day that I can claim it early. Maybe your employer pays further ahead.

I don’t get notifications 2 days before. It’s always the day before ~10am.

As mentioned above, when it hits Monzos system they will show it and until then it’s entirely down to your employer for when they send it.

I’d guess that your pay early should show on Monday but there are other factors that mean you might not qualify for pay early at all. You’re best not relying on this and just budgeting/planning for the day you’re actually supposed to be paid.


Mines always early, mine started showing in my feed yesterday, for my pay coming in Tuesday!

Yes, it will show on the Friday

I think it’s a question about the BACs cycle, neither the employer nor Monzo control that. It works on a working-day basis.