Paid early - how does it work

Hi, does anyone know why I can’t use the “paid early “ thing , my salary is paid by bank (thinn bacs ) but it isn’t available day before to release at 4pm , like all my friends do. It’s only reason I signed up to Monzo acc and so why isn’t it a option for me

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Maybe you are not paid by BACS. Find your last pay transaction in the app, tap it and scroll to the bottom. What does it say? Faster Payment?


It would be an option for you if your were paid by BACS.

Have you just changed your details with your employer? If you did it “late” they may send it as a faster payment this month.


Did you do current account switch and your employer is still sending salary to the old account, which then gets forwarded on the day?

You may need to notify your employer of your up to date bank details, such that they pay direct to Monzo sort code.


I’ve done this. And I was able to claim money day before. Switch completed couple of days before pay day. So it looks you will be able to claim money day before even without updating details…

Hi Claire & welcome :wave:

If you’re paid by BACS, you’ll see the greyed-out entry in your feed the day before you get paid (or on a Friday if that payday is on a Monday - possibly even more days before depending on Bank Holiday timings)
And you’ll be able to claim the incoming amount at 4pm the day before that BACS payment is supposed to drop. You’ll get a notification to claim it early too.

Now… if you’re paid via Faster Payments, then you’ll not get any advanced notice of the incoming payment until it actually happens. Monzo doesn’t know about it in advance because it is an instant payment, rather than a planned payment.

As an example which may throw you off - every single one of my salary slips has shown BACS as the payment type, but I’ve actually been paid by FP since the dawn of time. So what is on the payslip may not be the actual payment method. HR goes :person_shrugging:

So how can you tell if you are being paid by BACS or FP? To see if an incoming payment is BACS or FP, tap on the transaction after it has happened and look at the bottom of the transaction details. If it says “Your history with [insert company name]” with ‘No. of payments’/‘Total sent’/‘Total received’ details below, you’ve been paid by the FP method.
If those details aren’t shown, it’s a payment made via BACS

As per the comments above - if you’ve changed something recently (job/bank account switch) then a FP may have been made as a temporary method to ensure you get paid now before the payment becomes ‘normal’ moving forward.