Round up your Monzo purchases automatically!

Lots of exciting news today for Coin Jar fans!

You can now set any Pot to automatically round up your spare change from transactions. So no more having to remember to name it ‘Coin Jar!’ (You can still only round up into one pot at a time).

And, we’ve also cleared up how Coin Jar looks in the app so it’s not cluttering up your feed.

More info in the blog post :eyes:


Woohoo! This is awesome! Can’t wait to see it hit joint accounts :wink:


Do we need to download a new version of the app (or wait for one to appear), or will this just “happen”?

Also, will historical items be adjusted to the new way of showing, or is it just from now onwards?

Mine just updated retrospectively! :raised_hands: I had to force close and reopen the app.

Great job Monzo :smiley:



It’s done mine back to the 1st July but not any transactions before that.

Will summary include the amount rounded up? Or the amount of the actual transaction?

So if i spend £2.79 in Pret, will my eating out have £2.79 added to it or £3?


First of all, thanks, my feed is looking a lot nicer! Overall, this is a net win and I like this change. However, I do have two bits of feedback:

  1. I’m not sure I like that the main figure shown in the transaction list is the rounded-up one. I realise this is a difficult design problem, but it looks odd to see “Coffee shop £3.00” when the transaction was £2.40 (for instance). I’d prefer something where the main number was £2.40 and smaller text underneath showed an additional £0.60. Maybe this isn’t feasible, but it looks strange to me and makes it harder if I need to match up transactions with receipts by scanning down the list.

  2. This causes some weird search interactions. There are no “Coin Jar” transactions in my list, but if I search for “Coin Ja” they appear. If I search based on amount for “<£2.80”, my coffee transaction example above appears in the results, but still listed with an amount of £3.00.

Again, I know these are difficult UI problems to solve, and appreciate this is a first take on combined transactions. The above is not meant to be ungrateful, but feedback for consideration as you evolve the design.


In a nutshell, a really neat enhancement. And all done invisibly, no app update. Clever.

Well done :grinning:


I like but I don’t like

I want to see what I have spent and then see what was added, as mentioned by @jzw95 I think they should be split e.g.where it says added to pot it could say added to pot 24p perhaps?


Also under balance maybe have a running total for that day maybe just under overdraft limit or remove overdraft limit and have that only show when you go into it then move that total below?


So happy about this update! I think this is the one people have been waiting for awhile… I turned mine off after a bit because it was cluttering up the feed. I’m sure with this built in now we can have even more embedded transactions and more functionality.

I agree with this, I would prefer this viewing format since I note down transactions manually as I budget and it’s harder to match things up with the rounded figure.


Am I missing something as I can’t see it on my app :frowning: I am feeling left out and sad :slight_smile:

This is a great update! Pedantic I know, but having to call the pot “Coin Jar” irritated me… it’s not terminology I would ever use normally! :slight_smile:

Make sure you have the latest app version :slight_smile:

I don’t think this bit is working?

If you tap into the original transaction, you’ll see how much was rounded up and exactly how much you’ve saved so far.


Ahhh! The update hadn’t appeared on my list! It’s there now! Ta

I love this update, but I strongly agree with this.


In relation to budgets how does this behave? If I spend £5.60 in the General category will £6 or £5.60 be deducted from that budget?

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Mine has adjusted historical