Coin Jar Feedback Thread

We just launched our new experimental Coin Jar!

It rounds up your savings to the nearest pounds and puts the remainder in a special pot.

Wanna try it out? Make a new Pot, call it Coin Jar, and start spending.

More details here:

Drop your Coin Jar feedback below, and let us know what you think!


It works very well for me.
However, for users not involved on the community, it would be difficult to notice, unless they create a suitably named pot by chance.
Ideally, you should be able to change pot behaviour in the pot’s settings.


Great idea - set up right away!

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Just tested and working well for me! I will now transfer all the funds I have in the manual pot I have setup :smile:

Hooray for :monzo:


I’d rather see one item in the feed:

I know I’ve set it up so if it was hidden and you got to it by selecting the feed item that would be good (for me).

My feed would then just end up showing whole pound figures.


How about rounded figure in bold black and original amount it grey italic, or something like that, similar to how foreign transactions show local and British currency amounts.


This is exactly the sort of clever thing I’d hoped pots could be and love some of the other ideas that have been floated. It’s nice to see Monzo starting to get back into their development / innovation groove now that we’re less than a month away from the end of prepaid :grinning:


Perhaps a “You’ve rounded up £X.xx today”? :smiley:

And then clicking into that feed item would reveal a fine transaction breakdown, 40p here, 79p there, etc. :slight_smile:


I understand it’s only an early feature release but hopefully, they’ll be a more elegant way of enabling/disabling the feature other than renaming the pot.

I love that it happens instantly as expected from Monzo, but I do agree with others that there needs to be either an option to disable the feed item or include the roundup amount on the transaction details screen would be my other preference.


That’s a good way. But definitely having one feed item for each round up might become annoying at some point. Will see in a couple of days after some usage


Payment Grouping
Making multiple payments in one day is spamming my feed with adding to the pot, it’d be nice to group payments. (This could also apply to payments anywhere and not just pots) There wouldn’t have to be any hard-work or restructuring, it’d simply be grouping based on the day. Therefore when you render payments, If there is more than one payment from ‘XYZ’ then merge into group. This would also be nice for my amazon as if items are dispatched separately, I get multiple payments showing.

‘Coin Jar’ Feedback (Totally my opinion, subject to change)
Works fast, and as expected! However, not the best implementation.

I would prefer to easily identify a Coin Jar from my other Pots.

  1. Perhaps a small icon of loose change on the listed item? (Grouped)
  2. Perhaps a “Saved Today: £0.23” on the right side of the Date. (Updates with more purchases)
  3. Perhaps on a per payment basis, small grey text under each payment “Saved £0.01 to Coin Jar”

I’d like to see a “One Time Use” (‘Radio Button’) state on the “Pot Creation” page that you select on creation. If I already have a “Coin Jar” active, the integration should be “Disabled” to show me I already have one.

Therefore removing the need of a naming convention by having to call it “Coin Jar”, you could call it “Change”, “Coffee Fund”, “Round Ups”, and it’d have a small coin icon next to it to make it recognisable.

Currently a “Coin Jar” is activated by calling it a “Coin Jar”, but that’s got limitations.

Potential Structure:

pots = {
{ id = pot_xxx, name = ‘Holiday’ }
{ id = pot_yyy, name = ‘Coffee Fund’ } - (Coin Jar)
{ id = pot_zzz, name = ‘Savings’ } - (Integration)

pot_tools = {
monzo_roundup{ onetimeuse = true, use = ‘pot_yyy’ }
nutmeg_stocks { onetimeuse = false, use = ‘pot_zzz’ }
moneybox_lifetime { onetimeuse = false, use = FALSE } - Inactive Integration, no pot assigned

IF oneTimeUse = True

  • If there’s no pot assigned then allow the user to create a pot using the feature.
  • If there is a pot assigned to “use” then don’t allow the user to add a pot, but allow the user to “Unlink” their existing pot.

IF oneTimeUse = False

  • Allow a user to add as many pots as they like using the integration.

I like this option best!

I normally use Android pay with my HSBC card but I will now make my Monzo the default card, a great idea nothing like saving a few pence.


Seriously, this Coin Jar is on another level. Its been two days and I’ve saved £4.45 (which had It not been happening automatically, I would have spent or have budgeted elsewhere)

Monzo has won me over with this feature alone.

(YNAB Pro Tip - Set up your coin jar as a category, not an account and treat the payments to it as a payment out)


It’s working so well for me! Without even looking, there’s already £13 in my Coin Jar accrued over a week and a half of just normal usage.

Loving it :grinning:


How’d you know that if you didn’t look?! :smirk:

:joy: I’ll be quiet now :sweat_smile:


Would be so interesting to find out who has what from Monzo in their coin pot at this time lol

You - £13
Some other COps - £10
Tom - £100 :joy:

Completley tounge in cheek.

Hahaha. I meant I hadn’t looked at the Pot balance since I initially set it up!

But you knew that! :joy:

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Ahhh just went to test this, got my coffee aaaand nothing :roll_eyes: no transfer to coin jar :tired_face:image

Edit : Balance is well above £10

purchase has to be above £1 ???