Round up your Monzo purchases automatically!

(Matthew Allen) #22

That’s great news! Used this on my Lloyd’s account before going full Monzo. I managed to save about £30 a month without even thinking about it.

(Nicholas Carter) #23

The original transaction would only be deducted from the summary budget as far as I know - so in this example £5.60 would be taken from the budget.

The pot transaction is simply hidden and merged now, but still technically exists seperate to the actual transaction; This is all just a cleanup on how the information is shown I believe :slight_smile:

(Bruce) #24

Avery welcomed improvement!

  1. I’m not sure I like that the main figure shown in the transaction list is the rounded-up one. I realise this is a difficult design problem, but it looks odd to see “Coffee shop £3.00” when the transaction was £2.40 (for instance). I’d prefer something where the main number was £2.40 and smaller text underneath showed an additional £0.60. Maybe this isn’t feasible, but it looks strange to me and makes it harder if I need to match up transactions with receipts by scanning down the list.

Agree with these comments

(Michael) #27

This is great, and good that the update has been actions retrospectively.

I quite like that the overall line item is the amount including coin jar value.


Glad to see this update, I had to switch off because of the notification but will switching back on now.

What I’d love to see is a way to turn off the ability to instantly transfer money out of pots, when I would reach a low balance I would just jump into the coin jar pot and move some money back across.

Could a time delay be put on there for example? You can have money from this savings pot but it wont appear for 24 hours…

(Phil) #29

Very glad to see this — been waiting to get rid of the clutter for a while!

(Jack) #30

I’m now excited to see what this new way of displaying secondary feed items brings in the way of further features. Didn’t a lot of work have to go on in the background for this?

(Ed Stubbs) #31

Personally I don’t really see the value in rounding up transactions now that the budgeting feature has been improved. But maybe that’s just the way I’m using the app.

I have my monthly salary going in. I’ve then got a figure for committed spending for the month. From the remainder I’ve got a number of amounts going into pots (£70 for car insurance, £7 for home insurance etc (big one off payments so that I don’t spend that money in the meantime), a certain amount being saved each month for the long term and a certain amount being saved into pots for shorter term goals (holidays etc). After that there’s an amount left over which I’ve set a budget for in the budgets section. I’m happy with the amount that I’m spending in the budget and I’m happy with the amount being saved, so I don’t have a need for saving any small rounded up amounts.

I did give coin jar a go when it first was released but the clutter put me off. It does look like an improvement on before for anyone who does find value out of using it.

(MikeF) #32

Nice. The feed figure is fine for me, although I can see the attraction in the other ideas. Knowing what’s been taken in total and the fact that it’s shown as a roundup works out OK though.

(Dan) #33

Looks very good.

Previously the feature used to get disabled by default if you balance was less than £10 (if I remember correctly). Given the cautionary statement on the blog about it potentially taking you into your overdraft - has this changed?

(Stuart Leader) #34

Also this! Great job on tidying up the feed, but I think I’ll have to disable the feature so long as the amounts I see don’t match up with the purchases I’ve made.


Very nice update.

I have to agree with the others I don’t like seeing the rounded up figure. I’d much prefer to see how much the item cost that I purchased rather than the rounded up figure.

The ideal answer would be what was described above, have the actual amount spent shown and then in smaller text the coin jar amount. Hopefully the UI can be updated to support this.

Other than this great job.

(Only available in amateur ) #36

Prefer the rounded figure. Not sure how you’d show both without the feed looking cluttered

(Kelvin Papp) #37

Agree 100% with this. An accurate transaction amount, with the difference sent to the pot via rounding up shown as sub-text would be my preference.

A side effect of the current approach is that the “Spent Today” figure doesn’t tally up with the individual transactions… OCD says no! :smiley:


Will this be coming to joint accounts as well?

(Kelvin Papp) #39

Does it not already work for Joint Accounts?

(Andy) #40

No. Joint accounts don’t have pots :weary:

(Kelvin Papp) #41

:weary: I hadn’t clocked that - that is a shame. Hopefully coming soon :slight_smile:

(Grant MacGregor) #42

What would happen if I made a transfer from my Monzo account to another back account - would that be considered a transaction and would subsequent be rounded up?