Daily round up

Hi all, am new here and loving Monzo. I had an idea similar to Coin Jar. Part of the reason I still love cash is because at the end of the day I put all my coins (including £1,£2) into my physical jar. I’d love it if was able to set up a pot on Monzo that would round up my daily spending to the nearest £5, £10 etc. I’ve found it a great way to save :yum:

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I like this. It rounds up the leftovers at the end of the day.

Asda - £2.47
Costa - £4.29
Greggs - £0.48
Add £2.76 to pot at midnight.

Is the your idea?

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This is how I use my account!

£10 a day budget, if I don’t spend it or only spend a bit of it, I manually move it whatever left into a pot.

if you could automate this that would be amazing!


Funnily enough, I do exactly the same, but because I hate cash as it bulks out my wallet.

If you include £1/£2 coins it can add up to quite a sum, even if you generally use card for most things. I still use the Magic Money machines in Metro Bank to convert the coins every few months and then transfer the funds into a “Loose Change” ISA.

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EXACTLY THAT! It’s a nice way to save when budgeting oneself

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