Round ups

I’ve had a scan through the ideas page and couldn’t see anything of this nature.

If possible it would be great to be able to have a feature that could round up all transactions to a whole pound and deposit the extra into a pot as a sort of auto savings feature.

I use an app called Moneybox which uses this idea but as it takes the money once a week through a direct debit in a rounded up amount it’s not the ideal solution. It would be a lot better if it could be done on the fly by the actual bank.

I tend to get around £3-6 all together a week which isn’t a lot but if it’s continuously skimming off of transactions you wouldn’t really notice it and also for someone like me who likes to keep a nice round number in my accounts it would keep things neat too.

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Yeah sorry I’ve just seen this. I need this feature in my life!!

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It doesn’t work flawlessly to keep things neat, but Coin Jar certainly works to round up your spending :+1:


Just create a pot and call it ‘Coin Jar’ and that’ll do exactly what you’re asking.

I was going to post this. I currently doing the roundups manually as I am saving for Oculus Go (Oculus Go pot has been created) using this method. It would be great that if it could automatically be done. Everytime I make a transaction I round it up to a whole pound. This is a simple savings feature which I find helps and while we aren’t talking massive amounts it has helped me save £7.50 in a space of a couple of weeks. A wee automatic setting would be a help.