Coin jar not working help!

Can anyone help? I set up coin jar and it was working fine until my balance went under £10.
My balance has been over £10 for the last two days and it still isn’t transferring my spare change

Purchases all over £1?

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It could also be to do with this:

To enable there is an option within the settings of each pot (if you have the latest app update). The pot no longer needs to be called “Coin Jar” to work. Although if it was called that it should automatically have turned the setting on.

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Just checked my own feed as I also went below £10 recently. I don’t know whether it’s coincidental timing but all my purchases now show rounded up in the feed and you have to go into the transaction to see the amount going into Coin Jar. I know Monzo were looking to clean up Coin Jar transactions in the feed - this may have happened in the latest release. Are yours actually rounded and you’ve just been looking for the Coin Jar items in the feed?

@Emilyj27 it got rolled out this week !
Round up your Monzo purchases automatically!


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