Coin Jar Ideas 💰

I was thinking, I know it’s been suggested somewhere before but I had a further expansion for the idea :smiley:

There should be a round-up button for Coin Jar :stuck_out_tongue: Plenty of different things can cause your balance to be left with pennies (as opposed to being £x.00), DD’s, SO’s, Refunds, Split-the-bill paybacks, etc. can all skew your balance.

Having a button somewhere in the UI to automatically put the ‘spare change’ into your coin-jar pot would be awesome! But where would it go? :thinking: I can’t think of any perfect location for an additional button so I figured why not use an existing button :bulb::grin:

The default deposit amount for a coin jar should be pennies

So instead of seeing £100, like every other pot:

if pot_type == "coin_jar":
    default_desposit_amount = roundable_balance

(Not that the app uses Python :joy: but I hope that gets the point acorss :yum:)

When clicking on a pot via the Summary screen, there should be a FAB (floating action button) to add money to the pot


Monzo uses FAB’s in plenty of locations throughout the UI, having a FAB on this pot screen would be an awesome way to add some money to a pot & would save one click :stuck_out_tongue: (I can add / withdraw money by hitting any of those transactions and then tapping add / withdraw). Figured a FAB might be nice here :slight_smile: … As long as it disappears when you scroll down :smiley:


A massive YES to this from me.

Please, Monzo, make it so!


I agree that the default for adding/withdrawing from a coin jar should be £1 rather than £100 or whatever you have in it.