Returning customers

I was an early adopter, back in 2016 (I think). Graduated to the full account when they started them, etc. Used Monzo on and off as my main back account. Then a year or two ago I closed the account.

I thought I’d try it again the other day, downloaded the app. Got the ‘your number is already in use’ thing so contacted support asking if they could clear my number or whatever so that I could open an account again. They asked for a selfie of me holding up some photo ID.

I sent the selfie over the chat then about half an hour later I got a message back saying they couldn’t offer me an account. Pretty odd.

I’m not massively fussed about it but I’m interested why this would happen.

Is it because I’ve got a beard now and I’m a bit fatter than I was in 2016?! :smile:

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Nobody knows. And those who do (Monzo) usually are not allowed to tell you either.

There are hundreds of threads like this already on this forum with identical results.

Nothing compels them to provide you with an account. They are free to choose not to offer an account to anyone.

It is reasonable to assume nowadays that eligibility criteria for many is “never held Monzo account before” for the time being.


Oh yeah, I know about the nobody knows thing. But the thing here is that I didn’t even apply. I just asked them to clear my phone number from their system so that I could apply.


Same thing.

If they clear your number you’d apply again but they don’t want to offer you an account so they won’t clear your number so you can’t apply.

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I think @coffeemadman might’ve opened a new account using a new phone number when they were told they weren’t eligible to have their number removed and reapply?

I’m not endorsing this as it’s circumventing Monzo systems but just bringing it up as an extra data point. It’s definitely an odd situation but done to death on various other topics.

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I left a while back and came back in October after contacting Support so they must be allowing some customers to come back. The eligibility criteria is probably much more broad ranging than you can’t come back because you have a had an account previously.

I used the same phone number and email address to reapply :man_shrugging:

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Yes, same for me. Support removed my number in 5 minutes after I messaged them

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Presumably you left voluntarily, rather than having your accounts closed? @IanG @ndrw

I CASS’d mine away and I’m sure I’ve read in previous posts that it can be more of challenge to re-open after doing a CASS but I managed to reopen fine as my main current account is held elsewhere

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@Ralph76 I don’t think anyone who has their accounts closed on them would be welcome back, be that Monzo or any other bank

I CASS’d away and was allowed to open a new account as well last year, maybe around August? So not that long ago.

They won’t let my Mrs reopen her account she closed manually though.

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i also cassd away and was back within 3 months with no issues , but then i used monzo as my main bank then and now

That certainly seems to be the case. I wasn’t sure if it were even possible, after a decent period away from Monzo. Have yet to see someone on the community say it’s been done.

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Sadly most people don’t know about this website so it could have happened, they might just not be on here or if they’re it’s not been mentioned.

Definitely that. Beards were hip and happening back in the 10s. They are a bit passé now. Not welcome at Monzo at all. :wink: