Re-joining Monzo after 3 years absence

I would welcome some feedback from this group if possible.

In 2019 I opened an account however realised only after opening the account that it wouldn’t :100: % meets my needs.
So, I closed the account literally within days of opening.

Now 3 years later, I am trying to re join Monzo
, however when I start the App/Application process it tells me my mobile number is in use already and terminates the process.

I have contacted the help desk and they have advised as I have been registered with them previously, I cannot open any new business with them.
How can that be correct?

To me, it sounds like my mobile number has been linked/locked to my account from 2019 and so their account application process is unable to progress.

If this is true. - Once you’ve left , clearly there is no route back to Monzo.
Any help or guidance available?

You’ve never had to have to your salary paid in?

Some people have managed to re-open accounts (@JIMMWX) but some haven’t (@coffeemadman) despite a lot of effort.

All you can do is email, explain the situation and see where you end up.


If they don’t want you as a customer there’s not much more you can do I’m afraid. It’s their choice / loss or however you want to view it.

But in any case after 1 month they should allow you to try again and not outright refuse to even consider an application. Unless something changed very recently, OP likely got a poorly trained COp and should try again


Thanks - it’s an interesting conundrum. It clearly isn’t a good process if a mobile number becomes the reason for loss of busines. As a challenger bank, many people would have joined Monzo in its infancy, perhaps moved away for a number of reasons, and like me, now are wanting to come back. I wonder if it’s being looked at behinds the scenes.
I’ll see what the advocacy teams says when they call, else I guess I’ll be off somewhere else, Shame.

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Is it a business account you’re trying to open?

From what I understand you can get them to “deregister” your mobile so you can try to reapply. I don’t think that part is much of an issue.

Or just buy a cheap PAYG SIM and use that number to register? :thinking:


It’s just a bog standard current account. I did consider using my other number I have to push through the process and see what happens, but I’d rather not have to cheat the process if possible. If the advocacy team calls I’ll ask about he deregister process.

When I rejoined last May it was just a case of emailing help@. I received a response pretty quickly saying that they’d deleted my mobile number and to try again, which worked.


If you email they will sort it and ask you to take a pic of your ID/Selfie I had the exact thing happen to me.


I did that the other night, hence my post here. They still said no.

I hope that’s what they’ll be able to do here. Clearly I can prove I own the number if that’s something they want to chexk

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When you say they said no, what was asked for/said exactly?

Is the issue simply resetting the account to allow you to reapply or have you been declined an account?


Hi Clossie,

Unfortunately this forum is not affiliated with /Official/ Monzo support - They will have stated something in the email other than ‘No’, I would recommend trying to investigate further or giving the head office a call.

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Thanks Coffeemadman _Tom
What I received is below. I came here to find out if anyone else had left and returned and experienced similar issues. It’s seems they have.
I’m just not sure the people I have been dealing with really are motivated to investigate and review my point that I am stuck at the application stage (all I have done so far is get a link to the app by email, I have opened the link and entered my Mobile number into the app
and it says “number already in use”. I can’t get past that. All I have asked Monzo to do it unlink my mobile number from my old account to enable the account application process to complete. I have not asked them to re-open anything - it’s seems their customer service scripts don’t cover this issue very well and no one knows what to do so they fall to the default of “computer says no” when in fact all the computer has said is - “your mobile number is already registered with us”.

In my mind, at this time (2022) the Monzo app doesn’t know who I am, or any other pertinent information needed to assess whether I would be a good customer or not. They should not be making any decisions based on my old account (as it is closed and was never used). I was good enough to have an account then, so why not now. I work in Technology and this to me seems a technical issue rather than a credit/client worthy ness issue.

I do know this forum is not moderated or owned by Monzo which is why I’m waiting for the advocacy team as mentioned previously.

“Currently we are no longer re-opening closed accounts and therefore we can’t offer you an account.

Once this changes we can then look into reopening your account, but unfortunately I am unable to provide a timeline of when this will be.

The Customer Advocacy Team should reach out in the next few days.”

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They’ve misunderstood your question.

They seem to think you want to “re-open” an account, which you don’t.

You want your phone number de-registered so you can apply again for a Monzo account, having been a previous customer.

That’s a totally different thing to “re-opening” an account. Hopefully you do manage to get somebody to understand this as you can probably apply again if they do.


Generally, you used to be able to reopen your account.

There could be many reasons why they can’t reopen your account if you were a customer previously.

I’d allow the advocacy team to reach out to you in due course to see what they say. Should hopefully be within 4 business days (next Wednesday latest) and go from there.

Yes, although in this case the OP only wants to apply for a new account.

They don’t care if they end up with the same account details or not. The general policy is, I think, to not allow re-activating or “reopening” closed accounts. In cases where the customer has used CASS to close an account, it wouldn’t be possible anyway.

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I didn’t use CASS to move over and didn’t use CASS to close so that shouldn’t be an issue,

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It’s possible something has changed but I had previously CASS’d away (I know you mention you didn’t do that but closed it) and was able to open a brand new Monzo account in December last year.

It was a pain in that it took a few phone calls to resolve it and get it manually reauthenticated but the CoPs (Customer Support) were amazing and sorted it right quick.

Anyway, good luck with your attempts and perhaps give them a call too?


yeah took me a couple of calls and a couple of we will get back to you days for me to re join over all i think it was just under a week